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{WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, CSA Chat

All of a sudden another week has gone by! Why does the end of summer and the beginning of fall seem to go by so fast? Fall is certainly my favorite season and September is my favorite month (my birthday is in September – yes of course I am a virgo – and it’s also yoga month).

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might know it used to be a food log – I would post everything I ate each night when I got home from work. Back then I was living in CA and I was a programmer. Still am a programmer, but don’t live out west anymore. These days with work, living in NYC, all the yoga I do, plus various other commitments, I definitely would not have time (nor would I want) to do that every day. But once a week? Yes! I think my food log would get pretty boring anyway, because I tend to eat the same foods each week. It changes by the week, but each week is generally pretty similar.

The reason I eat the same foods for a week is because I belong to a CSA – the 92nd Street Y CSA - and each week we get a shipment of fresh, organic, local vegetables from a farm just an hour or two north of the city. Each member has to volunteer to man the pick-up table, and last week was my week (Thursday). I got sent home with about 4 full bags of veggies and I could barely carry it the 2 long blocks to my apartment. In the bags I got:

  • many pounds of beets (and then more again this week!)
  • broccoli and cabbage (and more again this week)
  • butternut squash (the allotment was 1, but since I was volunteering I was able to take home many of the extras at the end)
  • tomatoes, eggplant, & shallots
  • basil & hot peppers
  • 3 dozen eggs (I gifted 1 dozen to a friend; I will probably gift another dozen because I get 1 dozen each week and I can barely finish them)
  • peaches, plums, and nectarines
  • 2 loaves of raisin bread (brought 1 to work and it was demolished), 1/2 loaf of whole wheat bread, 1 piece of focaccia

So I have been trying to use all of that up this week. Here are some of the beautiful squash:

butternut squash pumpkins bowl 400x400 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, CSA Chat

I think I could eat squash until I turn orange (I did once). But anyway, onto my day:

What I Ate Wednesday

  • breakfast was coffee and a medium-sized chunk of raisin nut bread toast with butter
  • lunch was 2 scrambled eggs and roasted veggies (beets, broccoli) for lunch
  • a large-ish nutty biscotti (grabbing coffee with a friend)
  • went to a yoga class at 6pm (had to sneak out of work early! I made up for it later in the evening)
  • dinner was a tuna salad sandwich on focaccia from a nearby restaurant (Cavatappo Grill) that came with a side salad
  • dessert was a cup of greek yogurt (0%) with cinnamon, stevia, and PB2
  • and I ate a few roasted veggie pieces as I was putting them in tupperwares (I tend to make roasted veggies at night, before I go to bed – then I eat them the next few days for lunch)

I don’t actually have any pictures, but I do have a picture of my coffee.

coffee french press 400x400 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, CSA Chat

How To Make Coffee with a French Press

  • boil water
  • 2 heaping spoons of freshly ground coffee goes into the press (the spoon is a coffee spoon – I want to say it’s 2 tablespoons – so 4 heaping T’s in total)
  • pour the hot water over the grounds, let sit
  • after one minute, give it a stir and put the top on (don’t press down yet)
  • wait 4-5 minutes, then press down
  • put your milk and sugar in your cup first, then pour the coffee over
  • amazing!

That’s all I have. What did you eat Wednesday?

simple stirfry, siggi’s breakfast, & resolutions update

i made this stir-fry for lunch yesterday (tuesday, 1/24):

05 stirfry lunch 500x332 simple stirfry, siggis breakfast, & resolutions update

i decided to bring my lunch to work this week. i work at a big bank and we do have a cafeteria, but to be honest – it’s not that healthy, and after 3 months of the same old slop, i needed a change! this stirfry is made up of:

  • broccoli + broccoli stalk (don’t throw that part out – it’s great if you saute it)
  • red pepper
  • can of tuna
  • frozen corn
  • fresh cilantro
  • garlic + chili powder
  • cooked in bacon fat (i save this each time i make bacon)

i had a sesame bagel alongside the stirfry. i’m really into bagels this week.

i also vowed to bring breakfast. i don’t usually like to drink my calories, but i have found several drinks to be quite delicious as of late, in particular:

04 siggis plain probiotic drinkable non fat yogurt 332x500 simple stirfry, siggis breakfast, & resolutions update

this is siggi’s probiotic drinkable non-fat yogurt in plain. i also bought the strawberry but i haven’t tried that yet. i don’t like siggi’s greek yogurt (insanely thick) but i did find this drinkable yogurt to have a good consistency (not too thick, not too thin) and flavor. i added some cinnamon to mine before drinking up. only 45 calories in this bottle which leaves plenty of room for other breakfast goodies like no-sugar scones.

resolutions update: i’m going in and out with the diet soda thing. i figure, if drinking a diet soda will keep me from snacking on something sugary – probably better to go with the soda. but it depends on the day. as for reading, i’m still plugging along on my book. it’s a slow read, not because it’s boring, but because i really want to absorb every detail. but i have been reading every day. it’s almost february so i need to figure out what my february resolutions will be. i have some ideas.

what do you put in stirfrys? do you drink your calories or save them for chewing?

Salads Schmalads… More Sandwiches Smandmiches!

A while ago I challenged myself to stop eating salads so often. So I did. I haven’t eaten a salad for a meal since lunch on August 6th. (It was a Tuna Nicoise salad from Macaron, by the way.) Salads are great, but they don’t do so well with my stomach so even though I am the salad girl, I knew I had to take a break.

So what do people eat when they aren’t eating salads?

My first guess was sandwiches. Here are some of the fun combos I have made (or bought). My favorite is at the end.

beet sandwich 500x500 Salads Schmalads... More Sandwiches Smandmiches!

This sandwich has Steamed Beets (my dad’s), Tofurky, mayo (lots), mustard (lots), and lettuce. The bread is some whole-grain oat nut thing I got at Whole Foods.

fake duck wrap zen palate 500x500 Salads Schmalads... More Sandwiches Smandmiches!

This one is a “Peking Style Zen Duck Wrap” (vegetarian) from Zen Palate. It was decent. It was much better dipped in my brother’s dish’s peanut sauce. It had fake duck, lettuce, carrots, and a spinach tortilla.

sweet potato fries zen palate 500x500 Salads Schmalads... More Sandwiches Smandmiches!

Hey… what are those doing there?! Those are sweet potato fries from Zen Palate as well.

white tuna sandwich 500x500 Salads Schmalads... More Sandwiches Smandmiches!

Lastly, my favorite, the White Tuna Sandwich from Macaron Cafe. It has avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a homemade French mayonnaise on the most delicious whole grain bread.

I really must recreate the White Tuna Sandwich at home.

I have been having other sandwiches all week but have been too lazy to take pictures. I’m sorry! Maybe next time.

What’s your favorite sandwich of all time?

Mine is most certainly the white tuna one above.

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