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We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

If you read Coco’s blog you might have an idea of why I disappeared on y’all for a week. (*hint hint*)

Bobby and I took a very spontaneous¬†road trip down to Williamsburg, VA over the weekend + Monday and Tuesday. We left Friday and made it down to DC by 11pm. We left NYC by 5:30pm, but it was bumper to bumper on FDR for a good 45 minutes or an hour. I worked from home Friday so I could stop working early and also monitor my illegally parked car (it was only illegally parked for about 1.5 hours – I still cannot believe I didn’t get a ticket). I also had to do a few loads of wash.


Zuzana is back! I used to do her workouts when she was on Bodyrock but they got a new girl (who is not as good in my opinion).

She has been back for a few weeks but I only just got around to doing one of her workouts tonight. This workout was:

  • Split squat jumps (in lunge position, jump up and down X times on one leg; then switch to other side)
  • Single leg lunges with back foot on a chair (X times on one leg; then switch to the other side)
  • Superman pushups (do a pushup, but come down to the floor and do a superman, then another pushup, floor, superman, etc…)
  • Skaters!

It was a ponzi pyramid scheme where you go through the rounds and do 5 reps, then 10, then 15, then 10, and finally 5 again. I just did it along with Zuzana and if I finished ahead of her I did jumping jacks. This workout took me about 18.5 minutes.

What Do the Cooks Eat?

I recently read this op-ed article in the New York Times. The title, “Of Mouselike Bites and Marathons,” is clever summary of the exercise and eating habits that go on in famous(ish) cooks’ lives behind the scenes. We’ve all seen fit, slim, healthy cooks (think of the beautiful Giada De Laurentiis) and wonder how they keep their figures while eating all that delicious, rich, buttery food. What we don’t see is that they only take nibbles of most of those heavy dishes, they exercise, and they eat healthily the rest of the time.

 What Do the Cooks Eat?

Giada (source)

Or else, they’re not fit and slim, and they have health issues. Like Paula Deen. (If you didn’t hear, she recently announced that she has type 2 diabetes.)

250px Paula Deen Civitan What Do the Cooks Eat?

Paula (source)

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