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Zuzana is back. I used to do her workouts when she was on Bodyrock but they got a new girl (who is not as good in my opinion).

She has been back for a few weeks but I only just got around to doing one of her workouts tonight. This workout was:

  • Split squat jumps (in lunge position, jump up and down X times on one leg; then switch to other side)
  • Single leg lunges with back foot on a chair (X times on one leg; then switch to the other side)
  • Superman pushups (do a pushup, but come down to the floor and do a superman, then another pushup, floor, superman, etc…)
  • Skaters!

It was a pyramid scheme where you go through the rounds and do 5 reps, then 10, then 15, then 10, and finally 5 again. I just did it along with Zuzana and if I finished ahead of her I did jumping jacks. This workout took me about 18.5 minutes.

I’m Still a Salad Loving Yogi

Thank you all for the encouragement after my announcement yesterday! I just wanted to stop back in and clarify something though – while I have decided to do a half-marathon, I am still going to be writing mostly about yoga and healthy yums that I create (or order in a restaurant, hehe). I still haven’t even decided if I’m actually going to run the half or walk it or do some combination of the two (probably a combo). So this half-marathon training experiment is really more of a way for me to get back into my walking routine, which I have sorely missed.

Manhattan Mornings & Walking Routines

Sometimes I walk along Central Park in the morning before work, and this is what I see.

cpe am 500x500 Manhattan Mornings & Walking Routines

The view up the east side of Central Park

nyc street am 500x500 Manhattan Mornings & Walking Routines

The view down a side street (72nd or something) from the park

We finally finished (mostly) moving this weekend so I am no longer as close to the park. But we have a new park a block away. Our new place is amazing and we’re really happy with it. Will have to post pictures sometime.

I am back to my walking routine if you hadn’t figured that out yet. BodyRock was a good experiment, but I only stuck with it about 2 weeks. I just like walking better, and too much intensity is not fun for me. BodyRock is a great workout if you are into that kind of thing though.


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