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{WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter

What I Ate Wednesday – things I ate today:

  • Green smoothie (spinach, yogurt, banana, OJ)
  • Grilled cheese (swiss on whole wheat, with butter on the outside); steamed beets and carrots from Maria’s garden (my Grammie’s caretaker)
  • Handful of peanuts + a diet coke
  • Vegetarian Cobb salad at home (iceberg, HB egg, sauteed smart ground, crumbled feta, tomato from the farm, and a vinaigrette dressing)
  • Leftover green smoothie with vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup) mixed in a decent sized spoon of PB
  • An apple
  • I think that was all! I am not so good at remembering everything I eat. I didn’t exercise today so I wasn’t super hungry.

Today I redid my blog theme colors based on this palette:

pretty blog theme 400x362 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter


screenshot 500x101 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter

Whatcha think? I also fixed up my widgets and reorganized my menus.

Also wanted to say – Happy Late Labor Day! Here is last year’s post.

This weekend we were down in NJ for a wedding (the wedding was in Philly) for one of my oldest friends. I wrote a “wedding letter” for her and I wanted to post an excerpt from it here too. On Monday we drove back into the city (thanks brother!).

A Wedding Letter

… As you may know, [we] recently celebrated our 2-year anniversary in July. We wanted to offer some advice to you two happy newlyweds. These words are words of advice that have been passed on to us, and as your marriage grows you will learn how truthful they are. Your job is to pass them on when you can.

The first piece of advice comes from a family friend. He told us this on our wedding day: never go to sleep angry with each other. If you are bickering or annoyed with each other, make peace before you sleep – even if you want to continue the discussion later on. Set it aside and come back to it later if you need to.

The next three pieces of advice come from a man who owned a fruit stand in Maui, where we went for our honeymoon. First, he said – don’t fight over money. Second is that you must always show love and communicate with each other. It’s easy to get in the habit of not putting in that little bit of extra effort to be affectionate, but it’s so important; it’s what keeps a marriage going. His third and final piece of advice was for [the husband] – [he must] tell [his wife] that she is beautiful. Tell her often and tell her she is perfect just the way she is.

Lastly, here is some advice that Bobby and I want to add: give each other hugs! We think ten hugs a day is the minimum, but it’s always good to go over.

We are so very happy for you. Enjoy your day, enjoy the honeymoon, and enjoy the rest of your life together!

With love…

When was the last time you went to a wedding?

It seems like every year now I go to more and more of them!

Bonjour de Paris!

Bonjour! We are in Paris. We left New York at 3:30pm on Friday, and after a short layover in Boston we were on our way to France. We arrived at CDG (Charles de Gaulle, the main international Paris airport) at 7:30am on Saturday (samedi). (Please excuse my use of French words while I’m posting here; I adore French and will make any excuse to use it.)

05 maggie dinner1 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Dinner Saturday - tired and hungry, but happy and excited to be in Paris.

04 bobby dinner 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Also dinner Saturday - I will post the food pictures from that meal later!

We walked around the city almost the whole day (we did take a nap in the afternoon) and then stayed Saturday night in Paris. On Sunday we took the train out to Saumur, a petit town Southeast of Paris, on the fleuve (river) Loire. We attended a wedding for two days – a dinner event Sunday evening, and then the ceremony all day on Monday (ceremony plus beaucoup de manger!). The wedding was at a petit chateau that was transformed into a hotel a while back. The owners are actually descended of French royalty. They managed to survive the guillotine I suppose icon biggrin Bonjour de Paris!

03 notre dame 332x500 Bonjour de Paris!

Inside Notre Dame - Saturday afternoon.

06 maggie saumur street 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Walking the streets of Saumur (on the way to the pre-wedding dinner Sunday night).

07 bobby wedding 332x500 Bonjour de Paris!

Bobby, post pre-wedding dinner. Full and happy!

08 maggie wedding 332x500 Bonjour de Paris!

Day of the wedding. This is how I feel about dressing up! (I changed shortly after.)

09 bobby wedding 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

I don't think Bobby likes dressing up either. (Day of wedding.)

11 outside chateau 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

View of the chateau from behind.

10 inside chateau 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Inside the chateau.

Today (Tuesday) we took the train back to Paris and here we will stay for the rest of our time in France. So far everything has gone perfectly (fingers crossed things stay that way). Before I go, I want to share a few food pictures from our first French repas (meal) together Saturday matin (morning)…

01 breakfast yaourt jus dorange croissant cafe creme 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Petit dejeuner - jus d'orange, yaort, croissant, cafe.

We got the typical (?) French breakfast – jus d’orange (orange juice), croissant, cafe (coffee = espresso; Bobby got a regular and I got the “cafe creme” which I think is simply cafe with milk), and yaourt (yogurt). Bobby also got the add-on of bacon and scrambled eggs. I tried them, bien sur! Delicieux.

02 eggs and bacon 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Petit dejeuner part deux - bacon et des oeufs.

This breakfast (petit dejeuner) is smaller than it appears. Each part of the meal is a modestly portioned, but the healthy fats and protein make it very filling. This “breakfast” actually lasted us all the way through dinner (admittedly part of that time was spent napping and it was an early dinner).

I must go! We have beaucoup de faire (lots to do) this evening and it’s already 6:30pm. (Il est deja six heures! Oh la la.) I’m still listening to these tapes by the way. So useful.

Au revoir! I will post when I can icon smile Bonjour de Paris!

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