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{WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter

What I Ate Wednesday – things I ate today:

  • Green smoothie (spinach, yogurt, banana, OJ)
  • Grilled cheese (swiss on whole wheat, with butter on the outside); steamed beets and carrots from Maria’s garden (my Grammie’s caretaker)
  • Handful of peanuts + a diet coke
  • Vegetarian Cobb salad at home (iceberg, HB egg, sauteed smart ground, crumbled feta, tomato from the farm, and a vinaigrette dressing)
  • Leftover green smoothie with vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup) mixed in a decent sized spoon of PB
  • An apple
  • I think that was all! I am not so good at remembering everything I eat. I didn’t exercise today so I wasn’t super hungry.

Today I redid my blog theme colors based on this palette:

pretty blog theme 400x362 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter


screenshot 500x101 {WIAW, food} What I Ate Wednesday, Labor Day, Wedding Letter

Whatcha think? I also fixed up my widgets and reorganized my menus.

Yoga Winner! (And Anniversary)

Finally picked a winner for the YogaDownload giveaway! Congrats, Jen:

random 24 Yoga Winner! (And Anniversary)




I just emailed you, and YogaDownload will be in touch shortly.


I will be back sometime (hopefully today) with a post! I have been soooo busy all week. And today is Bobby’s and my first 1-year anniversary (we got married twice – city hall wedding and the whole shebang).

maggie bobby aisle luminaria 400x267 Yoga Winner! (And Anniversary)



Bonjour de Paris!

Bonjour! We are in Paris. We left New York at 3:30pm on Friday, and after a short layover in Boston we were on our way to France. We arrived at CDG (Charles de Gaulle, the main international Paris airport) at 7:30am on Saturday (samedi). (Please excuse my use of French words while I’m posting here; I adore French and will make any excuse to use it.)

05 maggie dinner1 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Dinner Saturday - tired and hungry, but happy and excited to be in Paris.

04 bobby dinner 500x332 Bonjour de Paris!

Also dinner Saturday - I will post the food pictures from that meal later!

We walked around the city almost the whole day (we did take a nap in the afternoon) and then stayed Saturday night in Paris. On Sunday we took the train out to Saumur, a petit town Southeast of Paris, on the fleuve (river) Loire. We attended a wedding for two days – a dinner event Sunday evening, and then the ceremony all day on Monday (ceremony plus beaucoup de manger!). The wedding was at a petit chateau that was transformed into a hotel a while back. The owners are actually descended of French royalty. They managed to survive the guillotine I suppose icon biggrin Bonjour de Paris!

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