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Health & Nutrition Links

  • The Hidden Truths About Calories¬†– This article delves into the complicated science of calorie calculation. Though many of us were already suspicious of calorie counts on labels, this article proves that those counts can be wildly inaccurate. The way you prepare a food, the way the food was grown, how processed the food is, AND your various aspects about your body composition – these are four factors that contribute to how many calories your body will actually take away from a food. For example, the more processed a food is, the less “work” (energy) your body expends while digesting it, and thus the more calories your body gets to keep. If you have longer intestines than your spouse, you will get more calories from a food (or vice versa). It’s a really good read, and not that long either.

Weekend Link Love – 1.22.2012

I only have a few links this week. Some weeks the internet is full of link love nuggets and other weeks I find myself searching high and low for interesting articles.

Random Links of Love

Gena @ Choosing Raw linked to a really insightful article on HuffPo about the half lives of eating disorders. Gena does a much better job dissecting the article than I could, so I encourage you to check out her thoughts on the matter. As a recovered ED-person, I found myself nodding along with both posts, and I think anyone with an interest in mental health would find them intriguing. Liu delves into the genetic aspects of ED susceptibility and personality traits associated with the disease.

I’m sure most of you have seen the various “Sh;t XYZs Say” videos floating around lately, but just in case you haven’t, here are some of my favorites:

Weekend Link Love – 1.14.2012

Cannot believe it’s mid-January already. Maybe one of my resolutions should be to slow down.

Random Links of Love…

ipodhanger Weekend Link Love   1.14.2012

Saw this adorable iPod/iPhone hanger/charging station on Cookies & Crafts (found the blog via HEAB). The original instructions are in German – will have to do some translating!


The dangerous effects of reading. Cool title and very illuminating article about our drive to consume all day, every day. He says instead of optimizing for consuming (45 minutes listening podcasts on the way to work, 30 minutes blog reading on the toilet, etc…) we should optimize to create (cease input – turn off the cellphone as much as possible, stop reading every single stupid blog post that comes up in your reader, etc…). Obviously I don’t want you to stop reading my blog icon biggrin Weekend Link Love   1.14.2012 But he makes great points.

How To Nap.

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