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Veggie Sushi and Resolutions 2012

I wanted to pop in and share part of a delicious lunch I had on Saturday at Whole Foods. My husband is bored of eating at WF; we probably grab dinner there at least twice a week and sometimes visit on the weekends too. But I have yet to tire of their prepared foods bar. I am tired of it being $8.99/pound, but not of the scrumptious salads and innovative hearty dishes. I also discovered recently that they have rice-less sushi, which is what I’m about to show you.

whole foods veggie sushi 500x345 Veggie Sushi and Resolutions 2012

There. That is seaweed swaddling shredded carrot, avocado, soft tofu, cucumber, and roasted red pepper*. Dip it in soy sauce and wasabi. Not enough for a meal on its own, but certainly a healthy and yummy component. The rest of my meal was a seaweed salad and chunky chicken salad (from the prepared foods bar). Filling, and a perfect reward after a Yin Yang yoga class taught by Tanya B herself. Wait, you’re not supposed to reward yourself with food? Oops.

*This sushi reminded me of my “fushi” – nearly raw, riceless sushi.

Some words on new year’s resolutions.

One resolution that I think everyone should have, not just at the start of the year, but always, is to take care of herself. This could mean (in my case) going to the dentist even though you really hate it (and haven’t been in far too long). And then listening to your dentist when she tells you that yes, you really do need to floss and brush after you eat anything (!). If you are snacking often out of boredom and not hunger, that’s not good for you or for your teeth.

And in regards to my other resolutions – diet soda and reading. I went a week and 2 days until I caved and had a soda (today). I was debating between chocolate going on my uber-clean teeth and a diet soda and I ended up going with the soda. I’m wondering if maybe it would be better to just cut down on diet soda (say, limit of 3 a week or something) rather than going cold turkey. As for reading, I’m doing great – reading at least 30 minutes a day. I’m also trying to do a crossword puzzle to wind down at night (I would love to go to bed earlier and this helps).

A new resolution for the rest of January and beyond – more flossing! (At least once a day.)

I have many questions for you today:

  1. Do you do crosswords?
  2. Do you like to read (and if so what are you reading)?
  3. When was the last time you went to the dentist?
  4. Do you drink diet soda?

Trying to Budget Food Stinks

It is so much cheaper to eat this:

subway 400x309 Trying to Budget Food Stinks

Than it is to eat this:

2 planet platter Trying to Budget Food Stinks

I have recently been trying to be a little more “budget” when it comes to my food choices. Did you know that two pounds of food from the Whole Foods hot bar comes in at close to $20? That is an expensive dinner. A macro plate with tax and tip usually ends up around $15. Desserts (muffins, scones, etc…) are a few more bucks. Starbucks and other coffee shops are a few bucks a drink.

It all adds up. While I haven’t exactly had a problem yet with overspending on food, I do feel a bit guilty for it. Growing up we ate out rarely and I know that our food bills were low. I like eating well. I like cooking but I have very little time these days. I also have difficulty keeping food in my house without eating it all at once. (Groceries end up being just as expensive as eating out because I have to buy fresh groceries every day. When I buy treats or even just veggies they disappear way too fast. This is an issue for another post though.)

Anyway, I’m struggling to find cheap healthy options. The Subway footlong is great, but I can’t have it for every single meal. I’ve tried – it gets boring. I am finally understanding how difficult it is for people who are on a budget to eat good, whole foods.

Food Budgeting that I’ve done so far:

  • Stopped buying gum (this is over $1 a pack)
  • Stopped buying drinks at coffee shops except for rare occasions (like if I’m on a date with Bobby)
  • Eating in for brunch on the weekends
  • Sandwiches for lunch and/or dinner – Subway footlongs, grilled cheese, bagels, etc…
  • Fewer WF prepared foods bar purchases
  • Fewer snacky/treat purchases

But I still miss my macro plates and gigantic salads.

How do you save money when you’re buying food? Does anyone else have my problem of grocery shopping but eating up all the food before you had planned?

(I hope I am explaining that properly. It’s not like I’m trying to eat less – I just have difficulty saving food for later. Instead of eating something like an extra cup of brown rice at dinner and lunch I will instead eat lots of the stuff that I just bought. Does that make sense?)

Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

I never did a honeymoon recap (and I don’t know if I will; it would be a long post) but I did want to share a few things. We left Philadelphia early early early 2 days after the wedding (wedding was a Saturday; this was a Monday).

01 honeymoon 265x400 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

We got off the plane exhausted at the airport in Maui, and the rental car attendant kindly informed us that there was a Whole Foods just a few miles away where we could grab lunch.

02 whole foods maui 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)05 whole foods maui maggie 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

We got to see some overpriced carrots (Maui has to import just about everything, so things are expensive – this is an issue for another post though! Going local is so important).

07 expensive whole foods carrots 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

Sampled ceviche and some berry drink.

09 whole foods ceviche maui 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)10 berry green whole foods samples maui 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

And finally got food.

12 whole foods maui lunch 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

We ate outside under some nice umbrella’d picnic tables.

03 whole foods maui 400x265 Hawaiian Whole Foods (Honeymoon)

And then we were on our way! Great first honeymoon meal.

And I’m back to work… Don’t forget about the stevia giveaway! You have just over 2 days left to enter. (And there are only 2 days until my birthday!)

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