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College Reunions Recap

Bobby and I spent this weekend up in Ithaca, NY for our college reunion. We didn’t stay in the dorms and go to all the CU Reunion events; we stayed at the Super 8 next to Wegmans with our best friends and we went to a few events that sounded fun (wine tasting!).

It all started Wednesday night…

We left work a little early Wednesday so that we could get to NJ in time to see my dad’s softball game (they lost, unfortunately, but it was to the best team in the league). After the game we went to pick up my Grammie’s car that we borrowed for the trip.

Monday Link & List Love [01.21.2013]

Another Monday down and only four days to go until the weekend! Unlike many of my lucky family members and friends, my office did not have off for MLK day. I don’t usually count down the days in the work week, but work has been so busy and hectic lately – I really hope it calms down soon. I also have (another) dentist appointment tomorrow morning which I will be happy to be done with. I’m getting some work done that I have been putting off for too long icon wink Monday Link & List Love [01.21.2013] It’s all good though and I will be done in a few more weeks.

I have found some interesting links lately that I wanted to share:

{Paleo} Fresh From the Farm (Garden) Dinner

My Dad and I sometimes send each other recipes and pictures of particularly good meals. He happens to follow a mostly paleo/primal diet, consisting of lots of veggies, some meat (free-range and organic if possible), and minimal grains. He does do the running thing which is not really primal, but he likes it; what can I say. I have sort of been a runner in the past and while I can get into it, it’s too hard on my knees! (And his too, but he loves it too much, ha.)

Anyway — about a month ago he sent me this picture:

primal london broil dinner e1351308230959 375x500 {Paleo} Fresh From the Farm (Garden) Dinner

He says: London broil (grass fed), green bean salad with cherry tomatoes, and cooked greens.  The meat was a little tough but good.

I think the beans, tomatoes, and greens came from his garden in the backyard.

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