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Thursday Latelies 10.27.2011 [not a video!]

Thursday Latelies used to be posts where I shared, via video, a few things I was loving for the week. This week I’m not feeling a video but I wanted to share some things anyway. I’ve been alluding to various changes in my life these last few posts so here we go!

I mentioned this once before, but never really talked about it again – Bobby and I moved across town to a bigger, newer apartment and we couldn’t be happier. Things were shaky at first (aren’t they always) but I have gotten to love my new space. Here are some pics. I haven’t quite finished arranging so maybe these will be “before” pictures.

05 living room Thursday Latelies 10.27.2011 [not a video!]

04 desk Thursday Latelies 10.27.2011 [not a video!]

03 piano Thursday Latelies 10.27.2011 [not a video!]

06 cous chair Thursday Latelies 10.27.2011 [not a video!]

(I think I can mostly fix what he did – stupid cat thought the chair was a new scratching post. Also, I just noticed in this picture – he is certainly looking slimmer than he used to!)

Pose of the Week – Utkatasa; Dig INN!

Yoga teacher training is going well. It sure is exhausting though, to have no break between the workweek, training, another workweek, another training… whew. I am thankful for the break I’ll get this coming weekend. In the meantime, I took it easy today.

I’ve been meaning to share this yummy lunch that I had my first weekend of training. It was from the newly re-named Dig Inn (formerly known as The Pump Energy Food). So this is:

dig inn Pose of the Week   Utkatasa; Dig INN!

1) choice protein: lemon chicken

2) grains or greens: mixed greens

3) fresh sides: balsamic mushrooms, red cabbage slaw, indian spiced carrots

And I believe the sauce I got was the roasted red pepper, which has almonds (or some other nut) in it.

Delicious. I got a full size and finished it but I think I could have made do with less – I was way too full afterwards! (I’m still working on this “moderation” thing.)

Inhale, Exhale… 1. Inhale, Exhale… 2. [Yoga Teacher Training – Sun Sals]

Teaching Beginner Sun Salutation:

Inhale, raise your prayer, see your thumbs.

Exhale, fold forward.

Inhale, raise chest, shoulders back.

Exhale, step or jump back, chaturanga.

Inhale, upward facing dog, urdhva mukha svanasana.

Exhale, downward facing dog, adho mukha svanasana.

Inhale, exhale… 1.

Inhale, sits bones shine towards the ceiling, exhale, press heels to earth, 2.

Inhaleexhale… 3.

Inhaleexhale… 4.

Inhale, raise your heels, exhale, bend knees, look forward.

Inhale, jump forward, flat back.

Exhale, fold, long neck.

Inhale, raise your prayer, see your thumbs.

Exhale, tadasana.



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