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2014 Plans & Goals

I already recapped my progress on 2013 goals {HERE}.

Here are my goals/hopes/intentions/plans for 2014…

1) Sleep.

I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t prioritize going to bed early (there’s always so much to do and I feel like I am missing out when I just go to bed). I realize that I will likely get even less sleep after the baby comes, but for now I’m going to try to hit this goal – in bed and dozing by 10:30pm, 3x per week.

If I need motivation, here are some articles on why sleep is so important:

Bumpdate: Week 31

31 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday)!

31 weeks jan 27 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

For a refresher, here was 30 weeks:

30 weeks jan 20 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And 27 (same shirt as today):

maggie 27 weeks 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And almost 23 (in Miami!):

23 weeks dec 1 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And I thought I was big then (23 weeks). Holy moly. I can’t believe there are 9 weeks to go. Countdown is 64 days to April 1st. I am up about 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I think the baby is a little on the big side – I’m guessing he’s close to 4 pounds now. He does have tall parents (I’m 5’10″ and Bobby is 6’1″) so that is not unexpected. I have an appointment next week to find out his position. As of now he is moving allll over the place. I feel movement on the bottom, on the sides, up top – everywhere pretty much. He is very active in the mornings around 6am and likes to wake his momma up. Guess I should get used to it icon wink Bumpdate: Week 31

Sunday Brain Dump

I was reminded today when looking at old comments that I used to love Sadie Nardini’s yoga routines. I just went through this one. I had to modify a decent amount due to being 7+ months pregnant (30 weeks on Tuesday) but it was great. I haven’t been making it to the gym for yoga (or anything really – I am quitting the gym but that is another story) so it was great to be back on the mat.

Little guy, which is what I call him in lieu of his proper name, which is in fact decided, but not publicly announced, goes quiet when I exercise but then wakes up and gets excited afterwards. He’s punching around right now. Probably telling me I should be putting that T-bone steak on the stove instead of blogging.

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