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YogaDownload Giveaway – Free Yoga

For the last four years I have had a fairly regular yoga practice. It was in 2008 (one year into doing yoga) that I discovered YogaDownload, which was the catalyst that spun me towards becoming a yoga addict, taking teacher training classes (level 1 and level 2), and making peace with my exercise routine.

03 bow pose 1024x918 YogaDownload Giveaway   Free Yoga

Maggie in 2009 (bow pose)

I have been BodyRocking lately (still love it), but I always come back to yoga. This morning I did the 45 minute Yoga For Weight Loss #2  routine. YogaDownload kindly gave me a month-long trial membership and I have been making great use of it. The poses in this routine were perfect for my sore hamstrings.

yogadownload YogaDownload Giveaway   Free Yoga

In fact, YogaDownload wants to give one of you a free trial membership as well! Here’s their pitch:

Serving as your personal online yoga studio, open 24 hours/day, Yoga Download provides yoga classes of all levels and lengths that are accessible, affordable and portable—from 20 minute flows to 60 minute intensives that are catered to your personal needs (yoga for buns, anyone?). With options to download audio-only, video, and slide shows of top quality yoga classes, meditations, music and other fitness workouts directly to your iPod, mp3 player, computer or mobile device—Yoga Download allows you to focus on your practice as often as you like, where you like and with who you like. It’s the closest thing to being in a live yoga class, without all the sweaty savasaners.

Any other sweaty savasaners out there? Here’s how to enter (1 entry each, 1 comment per entry):

Giveaway ends next Wednesday, July 13th. Winner will be notified by e-mail.

*The download links in this post are affiliate links. Good for me, you, and YogaDownload. They just started up their affiliate program! Let me know if you want to join – I can refer you.

Documentary: Inside Job & Yoga Recs

“Why should a financial engineer be paid four times to a hundred times as much as a real engineer? A real engineer builds bridges. A financial engineer builds dreams. And when those dreams turn out to be nightmares, other people pay for it.” — Andrew Sheng, chief adviser, China Banking Regulatory Commission, in Inside Job.

InsideJobPoster 269x400 Documentary: Inside Job & Yoga Recs

I am continuing with my documentary obsession. Highly highly recommend this one (it’s not on Netflix streaming… yet). It won an Oscar for best documentary last week and Bobby has been bugging me to watch it.

Some little known facts about me that relate to this movie:

  • I interned the summer before my senior year of college at a high profile investment bank on the mortgage backed securities trading desk. I worked 6:15am to 7pm, 5 days a week. Traders did not have to work weekends.
  • I got a job offer from said bank, and accepted it, but reneged on the offer because Bobby didn’t want to live in New York. Ha! Now we are here anyway. (After college we lived in CA for 1.5 years before coming back east.)
  • Up until I was about 21 I thought I was going to be an investment banker.
  • Now I realize that Wall Street only perpetuates the already drastic socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor. And even though working at the bank would have made me rich, I wouldn’t have been happy and I probably would have burned out anyway.

Inside Job investigates the circumstances behind the financial crisis of the past few years. It focuses on how deregulation essentially screwed the financial system in our country. Increasingly complex financial products, decreased rules and requirements, and greed all contributed to the meltdown. I especially enjoy the fact that this film displays Larry Summers as the pompous, sexist, pig-head that he is. If you don’t remember, Larry Summers was the Harvard president who was forced to resign for a number of reasons, one being that he thinks women are intellectually inferior to men.

Edited to add: You can rent Inside Job at your local video store, or put it in your DVD queue in Netflix. I haven’t been able to find it streaming online.


What? This is a yoga and food blog?

Okay. I did Yoga For Runners #1 this morning and it was fabulous: challenging, strengthening, stretching, and relaxing. Some highlights:

  • Half moon
  • Twisting triangle
  • Standing splits
  • Boat

Last night before bed I did Lunar Flow #1 which was incredibly gentle and peaceful. Some highlights:

  • Forward bends
  • Half pigeon
  • Twists


And now I am off to read, or sleep, or yoga, or something!