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{food} Green Things I’m Loving Lately

I wrote this post a long time ago but never got around to posting. However, I do want to share all these goodies, so I will post it now, even though it’s no longer August and it’s no longer hot here in NYC. It’s actually the perfect weather. Late September through October is my favorite time of year.

I always wonder – is this time (early-mid fall) everyone’s favorite time of year, or does everyone love the month after their birthday the best? Maybe there is some memory hidden away of our first month of life, and forever after that month will always be our favorite time of year? (I was born in the middle of September.)

Anyway, here are some green things I (was) loving lately.

In August New York was hot, hot, hot. Hot weather makes me crave green: green smoothies, green juices, and fresh green veggies. Here are some favorites that I tried in August.

The picture below is a green juice, courtesy of my CSA (kale and cucumber), the corner store (ginger and lemon), and my Breville. I got the Breville over three years ago and I definitely use it in phases. It sits, collecting dust, in the winter months, but usually gets broken out sometime in early summer. On summer evenings Bobby and I like to share green juices. Bobby likes his sweeter than mine, so I pour my portion out and then add a pear in at the end for him.

This juice was actually for breakfast though, and I had it alongside some coffee. I hope the coffee doesn’t detract from the juicy healthy goodness. I also had a cup of Greek yogurt that you can see in the corner. I probably topped the yogurt with honey, but it’s also delicious plain.

green juice coffee 400x400 {food} Green Things Im Loving Lately

 After getting the Vitamix (mine is fire engine RED), I started making green smoothies (and again the juicer was pushed to the back of the cabinet). This smoothie below had kale (or collards? I forget), a banana, yogurt, and a splash of orange juice. It’s really amazing how the blender can take literally any green and turn it into a smooth and creamy drink. I put the greens in, stems and all. Have to check and wash them first though – one time I found a yellow jacket in my kale!

green smoothie 2 400x400 {food} Green Things Im Loving Lately

Here is another green smoothie – same recipe as above (a CSA green – spinach or kale?, yogurt (Greek or regular works), banana, and OJ) – but it’s topped with black sesame seeds. Black sesame is great – very versatile and good for adding a little crunch.

green smoothie 400x400 {food} Green Things Im Loving Lately

That’s all for now.

Do you like green smoothies? Or regular smoothies? What’s your favorite green food, and what’s your favorite smoothie recipe?

{WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

What I Ate Wednesday

I had a nice day of eating Wednesday. This is happening more and more! I used to struggle a lot with how much I ate – I would eat too little, or too much, or overeat at night and feel sick – but lately I have been in a pretty good place with my eating habits. I still have days where I “feel fat” or feel the need to check myself in the mirror (to make sure I haven’t sprouted an extra head? who knows – how much can really change in a day) – but most of the time I am very much OK with myself as I am. I think it just comes with practice, like anything else.

Enough chit-chat, here is what I had:

  • Cinnamon walnut bread (from the CSA) toast with butter; 2 slices of salami (Costco, heh); coffee of course; a calcium chew (Adora dark chocolate)
  • Turkey and basil hummus wrap from Pret a Manger; a peanut butter cookie someone had at the office
  • 1 fun size of whoppers (I think there were like 3 in the package – I need to bring some healthy snacks to the office otherwise I resort to eating whatever they have at the front desk)
  • Dinner at Moustache on 103rd and Lexington - Bobby and I shared everything, and he had more of each than I did (he’d had a tiny lunch):
    • Spinach and chickpea salad
    • Lamb platter (lamb meat balls, with tomato sauce and rice)
    • Lamb “pitza” on whole wheat pita
    • Homemade yogurt with fruit, pistachios, and honey
  • Apple + 2 pieces of beef jerky (no preservatives, Costco) later that night

Here are the Moustache pics:

spinach chickpea salad 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

Spinach & Chickpea salad (had a lemon-y, onion-y, tomato-y dressing)

lamb platter 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

This was the lamb platter – lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, and a big thing of buttery white rice!

lamb pitza 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

This “pitza”, or pita bread pizza (whole wheat pita) was delicious. Simply a pita with ground lamb. Surprisingly light.

homemade yogurt fruit pistachio honey 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

Last but not least – the best part of the meal. Fresh homemade yogurt with 2 fruits – we think they were papaya and mango but we are not sure. Topped with bits of pistachio and honey. Definitely the star of the night.

Before dinner I took a class called “Center Sculpt” at Pure. It was fun (and hard). It was basically a yoga-inspired weights class. My arms were dying by the end. Surprisingly, yesterday (Thursday) my arms weren’t sore, but my legs were a little bit (odd because I didn’t feel like I exhausted them in class). Today (Friday) both arms and legs are killing me! I will definitely be back next time as long as I can get out of work early enough (it’s at 6:15).

I was going to post last night but I got absorbed by this book (Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes):

rachels holiday 251x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

$0.48 at Strand! I read all 400 pages in about 2 days. The book is about Rachel, a drug addict who does not believe she is a drug addict. It’s about her experiences at a rehab center. As she is there, the story of her life unfolds seamlessly alongside what happens at the center. She’s a very likable protagonist even though she has done some bad things. Obviously I liked it – definitely recommend it. I love Marian Keyes and I’ve read a few of her books in the past.

What have you read lately? What did you eat Wednesday?

beets for brains [wiaw - what i ate wednesday]

to continue the meal of the day theme, i’m doing my first what i ate wednesday.

breakfast was oatmeal + fruit (melon and grapefruit) + cinnamon from my work cafeteria. i’d say it’s a good 1 cup of oatmeal (cooked) and another cup of fruit. i get this most mornings if i don’t have yogurt + fruit.

oatmeal grapefruit melon cinnamon 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

for lunch i brought yogurt + banana, and baby carrots + halal dip (the dip that comes with street meat – if you’ve never had it, oh my gosh you are missing out – the best one is on 53rd and 6th ave).

lunch 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

i planned on supplementing this with some kind of snack, and this is what i got…

veggie pizza 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

we have a “snack shack” that opens after the cafeteria closes for lunch and they sell (at a discount) stuff that didn’t go during lunchtime. so this slice of veggie whole wheat pizza (i think vegan? with mushrooms and sauteed kale) was just $1.09. it was big, filling, and i think healthy enough. it was also quite delicious.

for dinner i was craving veggies, so i just cooked up beet greens in butter, steamed a large beet, and topped them together with about 2T brewers yeast (after seeing HEAB eat it often). i also roasted an entire kabocha squash – 450F for about 25 minutes.

beets and greens brewers yeast 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

roasted kabocha 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

to be honest, i usually eat more than this! but i’m very happy with my eats today. everything was exactly what i was craving. and i was accidentally vegetarian.

what did YOU eat today?

p.s. why beets for brains? because i’m currently exercising my brain by taking stanford’s free online machine learning course. if you’re into programming i highly recommend it.

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