yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise. i completed my yoga teacher training in nyc at yoga vida in the fall of 2011. here are some of my favorite yoga resources:


  • yogadownload – free 20-minute yoga classes (with pdf pose guides). search in itunes for “yogadownload” and subscribe. click here to see my favorites.
  • yoga to the people – power/vinyasa yoga; they also have donation-based studios in nyc (no pose guides, so only try if you know pose names and transitions well)
  • eoin finn’s free yoga podcasts (mostly ashtanga, from what i remember – haven’t done these in a long time; he does have pose guides for most)

yoga videos

  • my 5-minute yoga video
  • maura barclay’s yoga sculpt [youtube, 30 minutes]
  • tom morley’s buns & thighs yoga [hulu, 20 minutes]
  • lizbeth garcia’s less is more yoga [hulu, 20 minutes]
  • meaghan townsend’s cardio yoga [hulu, 20 minutes]
  • sadie nardini’s power half hour yoga sequence [youtube, 30 minutes]
  • beginner yoga with 2 australian dudes [google video, 60 minutes] – this is the yoga video i started doing my senior year of college, when i really started to get hooked.
  • yogatoday – 1 free class per week; pay for new classes daily; these classes tend to be on the slow side (that can be good or bad)
  • – this is not free; the subscription is $20/mo. this is a great studio in person and i’ve been enjoying their online classes too. they offer “live” classes online.

yoga studios in nyc

  • yoga vida (cheap yoga – $12/class, $6 for students)
  • pure yoga (expensive, need a monthly membership)
  • equinox (expensive, need a monthly membership)

yoga studios in the bay area

favorite online & video instructors

  • tom morley
  • maura barclay
  • ellen barrett
  • meaghan townsend

old videos not available anymore (let me know if you can find them!)

  • yoga sculpt with maura barclay – found it here.


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  2. I used to do Maura Barclay’s Yoga Sculpt daily! I want to get back into yoga, searched for her video and cannot find it anywhere.. do you have a video or downloadable video of it?

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