One more day left!

I didn’t snap pictures of everything I ate today, but here’s a gallery of what I did get in the early part of the day:

This was…

  • 1/2 acorn squash with scrambled egg whites, cinnamon, and some vanilla Chobani
  • 1/2 whole wheat wrap with olallieberry jam (not pictured)
  • other 1/2 acorn squash with 3/4 cup lowfat ricotta cheese & cinnamon (partially eaten before I got the pic)
  • apples (multiple – I don’t remember how many – 2 or 3?)
  • other 1/2 whole wheat wrap with 1.5 T almond butter and 1/2 banana (unpictured)

For dinner we went to Garden Fresh, that wonderful vegetarian restaurant.  Bobby’s review of it is HERE.

I started off with the garden salad, which was delicious:

And then Bobby and I split the Vegetarian Duck with brown rice.  It was superb.  It was my favorite meal at Garden Fresh so far.  This is the whole dish, and my first plate.  Bobby also got scallion pancakes, but I didn’t try them… But I definitely enjoyed this veggie duck to the max – it was awesome.  I believe it was made of pressed shiitake mushroom and tofu skin.

After dinner we went to Borders and I got the Sex and the City Movie – the extended cut!  I adore this series and loved the movie when I saw it this summer.  We’re watching it now.

Dessert was 2 apples, sliced and sprinkled with some lemon juice and cinnamon.  There may be a Chobani (shared with Bobby) in my future as well!  I have him hooked now – he loves the blueberry.

For exercise today I walked to the library (3 new books!), and before dinner Bobby and I went for a short 30-minute walk.  I also did 20 minutes of yoga this morning.  It was Core Yoga #1 from  Definitely check out their mp3’s if you haven’t already.

Enjoy your Saturday night!  There’s still one more day left in the weekend and it feels so nice.  Four day weekends should come more often.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Sex and the City!!! I have all 7 series on DVD, I need to get the movie too! It’s so fun to watch!

  2. Beautiful dinner! Nice choice with Sex and the City over Four Christmases. I love Sex and the City! It was one of my crazy early bird shopping purchases on black Friday! Hope you had fun together!

  3. Food looks great! Sounds like you got a good amount of exercise in today- yayy! I love the four day weekends! I think they should be every weekend 😉

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