Last night of the weekend… so sad.

I got in a nice walk this afternoon (a little over an hour).  When I got back I had lunch.  This was an eggwhite scramble with random veggies, topped with ketchup.  That muffin is what I made for the BSI.

And of course:

For dinner I made this new kind of noodle (kelp noodles) and they were awful.  I also had butternut squash fries.  The noodles were actually so bad that I couldn’t finish them and just made a bunch more b-nut fries with ketchup.  I did eat out the fake meat and the veggies from the noodle dish (I’d put in a chopped up chunk of leftover tofurkey).

For dessert I made a fruit salad with 2 small fuyu persimmons, green and red grapes, and about 1/2 cup of lowfat ricotta cheese (inspired by Coco).  Thanks for the idea!

I might have something else later; I’m not sure yet.  Enjoy your night!

13 Replies to “Last night of the weekend… so sad.”

  1. Sorry to hear your noodle experience wasn’t that great. Kelp noodles you say? I never actually heard of them before, so allow me to use Google powers.

    And yummy fuyu persimmons!

  2. Kelp noodles? Haha, that kind of sounds nasty…. and I love eating kelp! I’m sorry about the not-so-pleasant experience. What kind of noodles do you usually use? I like udon and yakisoba noodles. Yum 😉
    And a question about the ricotta; I’ve seen Coco eat it a lot too, but have been weary of trying it because I have a feeling they are similar to cottage cheese? (I am NOT a fan of cottage cheese!) What is the texture/flavor like, of ricotta?
    Have a great Sunday night, and I hope you have an amazing Monday!

  3. that muffin looks so good- what a fabulous bsi entry!
    i looooove chobani 😀
    hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. OHHHH—ricotta cheese is gooodd! i usually think of it in relation to stuffed shells, but on top of fruit is such a fresh idea. i am obsessed with ur scrambled egg whites! how many do u make?

  5. Sorry, if I read the package and it said kelp noodles I think I would put it right down!

    I like the tofu noodles, but everyone else in my family think they feel like worms!

  6. Your muffins looks so great! Sorry the noodles were yucky- always a bummer when you try something new and it turns out to be sub-par! Hope you had a nice day 😉

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