Free Pilates Anyone?

Kelly from Every Gym’s Nightmare posted about free pilates a few weeks ago, but I kind of forgot about it.  Then I remembered, and decided to check out the site: Ultimate Pilates Workouts.

Pilates was designed for injured dancers.  My old ballet teacher used to treat us occasionally to a pilates class instead of our normal stretching, and I always loved it.  Pilates gives you lean muscles (like yoga) and is a gentle way to strength train.  It’s not as intense as Power Yoga, but it’s a better workout than Gentle Yoga.  You’ll also get killer abs and it’s great for flexibility.

At the site there are several membership options, but with a Basic membership you have access to free streaming pilates videos of varying levels and lengths.

So far I’ve tried “Strength and Challenge 30 Minutes” (the highest level offered for the Basic membership) and “Power and Precision 45 Minutes” (level 2 I think).  The instructors explain every move in a way that you can understand, and, to echo Kelly, they cue really well.  I’m always annoyed at pilates videos for the terrible cueing, but that wasn’t the case here at all!

So if you have a chance, check out – it’s free, fun, and a great way to pass the time while getting in a nice workout!

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  1. Pilates is great! I got my dad into it, and I base a lot of my strength/stretching movements on pilates (some are on my blog).

  2. I’ve never tried Pilates, but I’m a big fan of Yoga. Only problem is my wrist is kinda hurt, so that prevents me from doing it. I really like Zumba right now! 🙂 So fun!

    I’m going to go see if the free Pilates is still available…sounds like it would be worth trying at least once. Thanks for sharing the link!

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