Salad summary & a foot massage

I finished Leng’s salad challenge on Saturday (2 weeks of eating 1+ salads a day).  It was a really wonderful experience.  I felt incredibly energized and healthy while I was eating so many salads.  The only problem that I found was that I had to eat a lot of extras along with the salad (bread, protein, snacks) because otherwise I wasn’t getting enough to eat.  It’s not that the salads left me hungry – they were very filling.  It’s just that the way I like my salads (all veggies) is not the most well-rounded way to eat.  But I learned how to supplement them, and I had a great time with the challenge.

Here is my last salad of the challenge (Saturday):



  • base: romaine
  • toppings: sauteed woodear mushrooms and zucchini; steamed kabocha; picked cucumber (not pickles)
  • protein: parmesan
  • dressing: tj’s raspberry vinaigrette


Since I’ve been having so much kabocha recently, I decided to give it a rest yesterday (Sunday).  I didn’t have a salad, and I didn’t have kabocha!  But I missed them both, and I will probably have them today.  I have 2 kids to tutor tonight so dinner is up in the air.

I almost forgot – yesterday my friend and I went to this place to get foot massages!  It was $20 for an hour and it included 40 minutes of foot massage and 20 minutes of a full body massage (you stay in your clothes though).  It was really fun.  I’m definitely going to go back.  Bobby had gotten a flyer for the place (King Spa in San Jose; if you want the address I can find it) on his car and he told me I should go try it.  I was worried that it would be sketchy, but it was super clean and they even gave us hot tea to drink.  The room was dim and they had some peaceful music playing.  They also had a large TV that played random pretty scenery.

Have you gotten one of these foot massage things?  I’d never heard of a $20 hour-long massage until I moved to the Bay Area, but there are actually a lot of places that do it.

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  1. I don’t like beans in my salad either for protein, but usually add different nuts and seeds – almond slivers, peanuts, or sunflower seeds. Also, a lot of different cheeses, either shredded or cut into cubes.

    I know you don’t eat a lot of meat, but do you eat any eggs? Sometimes adding 2 hardboiled eggs can go a loooong way in helping a salad be more filling.

  2. I need to take a salad challenge. I don’t eat enough and I’ve been low on the greens lately =(

    Cool massage, I’ve never gotten one before!

  3. This sounds slightly ridiculous, but I really only like massages if I get to take my clothes off! I just feel like they get to the muscles better!

    I totally relate about loving salads but having to create ridiculously large meals to supplement the salad and get enough calories!

  4. I loved reading your reflections on the salad challenge!! I have a foot thing, so I don’t think I could tolerate someone touching my feet for 40 minutes – I can’t stand 4 minutes! A body massage?! That’s another story 😉

  5. 14 days of salad challenge made me crave more salad!!! 😀 my body takes time to get used to not-have salad!
    foot massage is very common in China and my parents have it once a week. I tried it couple of times but don’t really enjoy it much.. I don’t know why.. it just feels strange…i prefer whole body massage, especially my back that’s always tense.

  6. hey salad girl! my salad today was inspired by you and OH so yummy! mixed lettuces and spinach, butternut squash, salmon, mandarin oranges, and TJs light soy ginger dressing. LOVE!

    i have not had a foot massage…but just read this in fit yoga about feet!

    they also had a foot reflexology chart in the lastest issue.

    foot massage is def. on my to do list, after a much needed pedi.

    happy tuesday SG!

  7. I never heard of a foot massage like that — I NEED ONE. I crave foot rubs and sometimes get pedicures just for that part of it. I always try to make my boyfriend rub my feet. I am so jealous!

  8. I wish I had heard about the salad challenge earlier – I’ll be on the lookout for the next one to start so I can participate. That price seemed like such a bargain for 1 hour of massages! Will I ever see that in NY?!

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