A Challenging Week

Today is the last day of my first week on the Whole Life Challenge – one week left.  I’ve learned a lot about myself by setting these goals, and I hope that I can use what I’ve learned to improve my whole life balance.

Check out how the other participants are doing:

Heather also made my apple pie!  Now my updates since Tuesday…


  1. Yoga – this part has been difficult.  Yesterday I did 20 minutes of Hatha Yoga #1 from yogadownload.  Tuesday I did yoga stretching (10 minutes).
  2. Walking – great with this.  Tuesday I got my 10+ minutes by wandering around window shopping.  Yesterday I went on the treadmill for about 54 minutes and did 3.81 miles.  A little bit of that was a slow jog (5.5 mph).  Today I’m going to try to walk to the supermarket.
  3. New Meals – This has been really good.  I had a new recipe for soba noodles (and shirataki) for dinner last night.  I will definitely be posting the recipe soon because Bobby’s comment was something like, “wow, just wow – this is… wow.  This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” (I put a sauteed hot dog on his, which might have helped.)
  4. 16-noodle-dish

  5. Organic – almost out of spinach.  Need to do a Costco run soon.  Bought organic romaine 2 days ago though!
  6. Green Oat Bran – this is my favorite part of the challenge.  Not only have I had green oat bran at least once a day, I got a new bowl at TJMaxx to have it in (there was a chip so it was only 30 cents – love it!).  I’ve been having a very simple combo of oat bran, nut butter, salt/vanilla, and spinach.  I’ve been using the fresh nut butters from Whole Foods, and I don’t really miss the sugary Mighty Maple.  Freshly ground is just so delicious.
  7. 12-new-bowl-green-oat-bran

Don’t forget about this week’s BSI over at Burp and Slurp~… it’s corn!

I also got this sweet bloggie friendship award from Sophia and Coco 🙂


I want to pass this on to all my other blog friends who have been there for me.  You know who you are 🙂  Thank you for always being supportive.  What the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?  Or that you’ve done for someone?

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  1. Maggie,
    WE LOVED YOUR PIE! So simple and delicious. I swear CD ate 3/4 of it last night.

    My friend, you know I’m the same way. I do eat a big breakfast and big lunch, but then no matter how much I eat for dinner, whether it’s something I want or don’t want, I always have to have something afterwards. It’s like I know it’s in my allotment for the day, and so I’m going to eat it. Tonight’s plan is to just eat what I want for dinner. Not eat light and then eat what I want…just eat it in the first place.

    It’s easier to do this if I work late or go to an evening yoga class (which I’m doing tonight) because CD will have already eaten. Love him, but I think I simply feel pressured to eat a “typical dinner” with my husband rather than what I really want. All that intuitive eating stuff just flies out the window for me when the sun goes down. I’ll keep working on it. Good to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  2. Oh wow, I do that a lot too. I save up what I really want to eat for snack after dinner. I think it’s somthing about it being the end of the day, when you’ve got all the day’s work done and it’s time to relax…so you wanna indulge then. That’s how it is for me, anyway.
    It’ll probably take some time to learn to eat intuitively. maybe you still have not learned to trust your body yet, and instead you try to eat according to habits, or your mind. don’t think, just listen to your body. sometime thinking too much (“Oh I should eat this and this much and that and I shouldn’t eat this” etc) just gives you unnecessary stress and prevents you from listening to what your body really needs and wants.
    Good luck, Maggie!

  3. I totally know what you mean about the after dinner eating… that’s when I’m most prone to binges. Don’t worry about complaining because we all need an outlet! And it’s even better when you have a supportive group of people who know where you’re coming from, especially me! Some nights I’ll eat tons and tons of veggies for dinner, but then after dinner, I still want to keep eating and eating. It’s definitely a struggle, and sometimes the more I tell myself not to eat, the more I find myself thinking about food. I wish luck to both of us on this!

  4. I am sure it’s part habit
    is your after dinner snack sugar? mine always is. i can have the best BEST food day..perfect. all my goals met..i am full

    but.. BUT i still can’t call it a day until i’ve had something SWEET.

    (habit) now i eat an apple… but I’m not in the mood for an apple I want SWEET. and I mean pure sugar.

    right now a spoon ful of marshmallow cream (SIGH) does it… but God help me when i do my 3 day green smoothie cleanse. Coffee i can kick….SUGAR is SO addictive

    i’ve been meditating in the evenings after dinner and before bed time… it’s helping me unravel myself.

    you are so not alone in this and kudos to you for your openness about it all. I know you will figure it out

    (ever KNIT) hahaha

    it always helps me!

  5. I sometimes eat a lot at night too and I’m working on that as well. I try to go to bed earlier – or reach for tea (or wine which makes me sleepy).

    Thanks for the Whole Life CHallenge. I’m starting out with something new once a week – today it was a new recipe and cooking a new veggie (not really my thing in the past).

  6. Hi Maggie,

    I totally dig what you mean by snacking after dinner. When I go out, I always order a veggie dish, which annoys my dining companion a lot because what’s the point of going out if I’m just ordering veggies? Well. One thing is that I’m trying to trying be a vegetarian (but still consumes dairy) and also I just ‘crave’ greens at night. But bam! once I’m home, I need my carbs. So no, greens don’t fill me up. I still need some proteins and carbs to make me last through the night. I think what you can do is place a limit. For example, let’s say you usually have 3 bowls of kabocha, but you can have two max. Wait for 15 minutes (for that hunger singal to turn off) and then if you’re really hungry, then you can have a second one. But after that, you have to eat an apple before you can go for a third bowl. Usually, that might stop you. I get afternoon cravings a lot. I’m not going to deprive myself because I’ll just end of sabotaging my dinner. So, I tell myself I can have 2 out of 3 choices, so which 2 do I really want. I also agree that meditation might have or just call your friend and chat. Don’t beat yourself up because at least what you’re snacking on is healthy. You’ll get by. 🙂 Sorry for the long message.

  7. Unless you really don’t want to eat after dinner, I think what you do is fine.

    Can you eat part of your dinner AT dinner, and part afterwards when you would normally snack? I’m trying this tonight to see what happens. I really wanted some bnut squash fries, but it was dinner time, and I didn’t have time to make them, so I thought, “What if I just made these for my snack tonight?” I was almost full after dinner, and now I know that if I still want the fries later, I can make them and not feel bad about it AND still have my dessert that I usually have before bed (usually a protein shake).

    I guess this could be viewed as “binge-like” but I think the fact that I am being conscious and thoughtful about it makes it not binge-like at all.

    Just my thoughts. I admire you SO much for talking about and trying to tackle all this.

  8. sorry Maggie to know that you’re still struggling with the night eating/snacking! I totally understand the mentality of save cal during the day and snack at night. I feel related because I find at night, when all it’s settled down, I’m relaxed, it’s the REAL ME time, so I comfort myself with my favorite food! I’ve been able to cut down this comfort food in term of proportion but still having it (kabocha) every other day so I change my habit little by little (not drastically) and have another alternative fav snack/dessert that I expect to (dairy free chocolate pudding). And another big factor contributing on this is to actually have good dinner… not necessarily big, but good in term of nutrition values and tasty. I know it’s easier to say it that actually to do it. Maybe you can do it every other day? so change the habit of years little by little?
    really want you to feel better about it!!!

  9. About your rant- I could have written that word for word ( ok ok not so eloquently hehe) but yeah, I do the exact same thing for the exact same reasons I think and I”ve been trying to get it under control for a year and a half now. All my eating “rules” I have during the day go out the window at night. I don’t know whether to think of it as loss of control or moments of clarity sometimes since I really do need more food now. But I’m too scared to eat the denser things during the day, I’ll still have all my many meals and snacks and pretty large meals, but I still have this crazy need to almost double my calories AFTER dinner. I can load up on veggies and healthy things during the day, and then sometimes I”ll even not be able to sleep at night and I”ll go for the muffins slathered in butter and cookies and milk with tons of honey poured in (sugar and fats) which I tend to avoid during the day but then at night I think, “what the heck, I could use the fats and maybe it will help me sleep…”. So this is being added to my challenge. I really need to force myself to eat more during the day and eat a reasonably sized snack before bed so I don’t wake up hungry, but I need to do this now because I leave for vacation with my family and best friend in a week and will be in a hotel room with all of them for almost a month! And I can never eat this amount in front of them because they’ll know for sure I’m crazy if they see that lol :X
    Any tips on things that have helped you? How does Bobby deal with it, and how do you deal with being around Bobby when it happens?
    Thanks and best of luck! I know we can do this!

  10. Maggie, we are so much alike sometimes! This past week I tried something different and told myself, “okay, if you want to eat that, just eat it before dinner.” So, specifically I am referring to my occasional you-know-what episodes. I don’t know if it’s been helping, but I am definitely not eating after dinner. But in the big picture, I think I may have just switched things around a little bit but still not solved the big problem.
    I don’t know if that made any sense to you.
    Anyway, I think you are doing a great job of just being mindful and doing your best to make changes. This challenge is a great thing. Remember, you don’t have to drasitcally change anything overnight. Little victories are still good 🙂
    I haven’t posted in a while but I am trying to incorporate one or two of your challenge ideas in every day. I like it 🙂

  11. Your pie looks really marv!! Sorry about the after dinner eating :(. I quit counting cals and have tried sorta meditating to quit thinking about food so much and its really helped.


  12. Ah this is something I think we all suffer from!! I hate that feeling of eating dinner because I feel like it’s the right thing, even though all I really want is popcorn or something which I gorge myself on afterward and then feel bad.

    Something I like to do is eat reasonably healthy for breakfast/lunch, and then if I’m really craving something like popcorn (or even cheesecake!) in the evening, I’ll have that for dinner. It’s not exactly the healthiest way to do it, but at least that way I’m not overeating and having food I don’t really want. PLUS, doing that on occasion helps me stay on track for the rest of the time, so that I don’t feel as though I’m missing out if I have a healthy dinner and choose to skip the snack. If I tell myself that I can have popcorn for dinner tomorrow night, then I find that salad and other healthy fare for dinner tonight is very satisfying.

  13. I am like that too. I haven’t been lately because the schedules of Rob and I don’t let us eat dinner until really late — which is bad in itself since we go right to bed after dinner. I’d have to agree that you aren’t having what you really want during the day, you need to be satisfied — channel Bethenny!

  14. maggie,

    thanks for sharing with us! i have a very similar issue—no matter how full or satisfied (or unsatisfied!) i am
    after dinner, I always need to eat something later.

    we just came back from the best sushi dinner, and i wasn’t even hungry, but I just ate a big mug of oatbran with cocoa and peanut butter…. grrrr.

    after dinner I always think about food. I get upset sometimes about snacking after dinner, but for me, more troublesome than the actual food i’m intaking is that I am constantly thinking about it! I’m trying to tackle this one, and i’ll let you know if I find some miraculous solution. But i think you’re doing wonderfully. You at least know what happens, and you are aware of it. Awareness is the first step to real change. looks like i needed a rant too.

    have a great weekend, and thanks for being brave enough to post about it!

  15. just wanted to add my identification with your rant issue. i struggle with it too, often it is just forgetfulness, or i get busy, or yah, saving up. then when it comes down to it, i just end up mad at myself, uncomfortable, depressed.

    wanting to make a change, and feeling better about doing it knowing im not alone. 🙂

  16. maggie!

    that rant is my life. seriously.
    if you get a handle on this i
    would love some advice from
    you. i go to bed with a tummy
    ache most every night. its has
    gotten to the point that i can
    hardly sleep unless ive eaten
    a massive amount of food RIGHT
    before i lay down. ugh ugh ugh.


  17. Hi Maggie! I just found your blog and wanted to thank you for your honesty. I can totally relate; nighttime is THE big food debate in my head as well. I used to be a night binger, and I have taken a million baby steps to get to the point where I can actually eat at 6pm and not even think about eating until the next morning. CRAZY. This is no daily phenomena, but when I experience food freedom it always feels like a miracle.

    Keep up the fabulous blogging. I will be following…



  18. Hey I’m Pheebs and I just started blogging. I used to be a lurker on here so I thought I should introduce myself.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me like you are prone to (albeit small and not terrible) binges. I, too, have a very bad problem with binge eating, and mine also always occur at one of two times of the day (it used to be 5 o’clock when I would get off of work, but it looks like I will be switching to working evenings), or after dinner.
    When I binge at night, it tends to be on a day that I have either been very “good.” To me, this means all healthy foods, correctly spaced, etc. On these days, my dinner puts me at exactly 1200 calories, and I tell myself I will be fine if I do not eat another bite. Invariably, I do eat another bite, and to block out the guilt, I frantically start eating. This is what happened yesterday (as I detailed on my blog). It’s really hard and I need to take my own advice, but perhaps your problem is you need to feel less restricted? I’m just guessing and I know how annoying it is when people give advice when they don’t know the correct story so if I’m completely off just ignore me.
    When I binge in the afternoon, it is usually because I am starving cause I worked through lunch, or I feel guilty because I had some kind of “bad” food.
    My friend is getting her Ph. D. to be a therapist, so I talked to her about this. In her opinion, the best thing to do is to distract yourself. I started doing this by instead of binging, going for a run. If I have already exercised, I paint my nails. If my nails are painted, I take a shower. This all works for me because it keeps my hands busy, and, since I am away from food/otherwise unable to eat, I have a chance to clear my mind and advert a binge.

    I know this is kind of unsolicited advice, so if I am being annoying then I’m sorry, but if not I hope this might help.


  19. I too have an issue with “saving” calories or grains/proteins/fats etc. for later at night. My meal plan outlines spreading my overall food choices throughout my day but I tend to do exactly what you do lol! My RD has said that as long as all nutritional needs are met in a 24 hour period, there isn’t a HUGE concern. However, in my situation (normalizing and refeeding) I need to spread things out so that my body can return to a place where it effectively can judge hunger, fullness etc. I am unsure of your situation but it is something to think about. If you haven’t already heard of it you should google the Keyes Study on Starvation. It was done years ago and shows how after the body has been deprived for a period of time it is ineffective at judging hunger and fullness. It took participants two years to regulate! Very interesting. My Dr gave me the info on it when I had questioned the importance of a meal plan versus body queues during recovery.

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