Up! We Go

Bobby and I couldn’t see Up on Friday night (sold out) so we preordered tickets for yesterday afternoon instead.  It was adorable.  I like how Pixar’s movies can appeal to audiences of all ages… Sometimes I wonder how much of kiddie movies the kids actually understand.  We saw it in 3-D, which was cool.  After we saw it we walked around the mall (10 minutes of walking – check).

Last night we went over to our cousins’ house (they now live about a half a mile away) for dinner. They served Mabu Tofu (vegan), a chicken/bell pepper/onion stir-fry (delicious), sauteed bok choy, and white rice.  I had some of everything, even the rice.  I brought dessert – fruit salad and whipped cream (Reddi-wip, which is HFCS-free.).


This fruit salad was:

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 1 apple
  • 3 kiwis
  • bunch of blueberries and raspberries
  • drizzle of honey (1 tablespoon?)
  • lemon juice (1 tablespoon?)

For my second dessert I made this:


Heavenly.  (Oat bran, peanut butter, spinach, Reddi-wip.)  I had to repeat it for breakfast this morning.

Whole Life Challenge Update…


  1. Yoga – I did Sadie Nardini’s power half hour on Friday, but didn’t do any yoga yesterday.  I’ll try to catch up (again) today.
  2. Walking – I’ve been walking every day.  Yesterday was short (just in the mall) but I did manage to do a dance-y video from Netflix streaming.
  3. New Meals – Even though this was only a weekly goal, I’ve managed to have a new meal almost every day.  I’m really proud of myself for branching out.  (And eating like a normal person.)
  4. Organic – All of my greens have been organic.  I wish I could buy everything organic, but it’s too expensive at the moment.  I caved and bought a bunch of non-organic berries because I was craving them, and they’re a good snack (especially with whipped cream).
  5. Green Oat Bran – Every day, often twice a day.

Be back later with my BSI entry (orange corn bread)…  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun or new or interesting?

9 Replies to “Up! We Go”

  1. We are all just fussing around the house this weekend. Seem to have a lot of those lately (charging batteries I guess)

    I have been playing on my new blog figuring out everything… and playing in the kitchen

    right now I am trying to create a pumpkin bread recipe conversion to pumpkin / oat bran/ leftover veggie juice pulp /vegan muffins

    my teenager used to get a non vegan version of these years ago when he began his veggie protest..it’s how I snuck in veg’s to his smarty pants 3 year old face!

    Seems not an issue so much these days, but I HATE throwing away that pulp and have vowed to as much as possible re-incorporate into some of the foods we eat.

    they are about to come out of the oven and if they are as good as they smell than I will post the recipe on my blog

    so glad UP was cute….can’t wait to go see it

    Happy Sunday

  2. vegan mapo tofu? sounds good! 🙂 Your two course dessert look awesome, especially that green oatbran with whipping cream! 😀 so heavenly delicious!!!
    this weekend was/is spending fabulously with Star lying down on the coach watching marathonic chinese tv series and munching and munching until a HUGE belly expansion!!! It feels sooooo good!

  3. Maggie,
    What, 2 huge bowls of blended green oats daily isn’t normal? If not, then I’m a total freak. 🙂

    Don’t even get me started on my love of whipped cream. CD and I used to buy it in bulk from Costco. I loved it on my oatmeal with strawberries.

    What a fun & healthy dinner. I freak out whenever we go to dinner at our friend’s houses as it’s never Heather friendly. Usually lasagna with tons of cheese or something. Your cousins did very well. 🙂

    Sounds like your Whole Life Challenge is going really well. I’m loving it and will post about it soon.
    Hope you’re having a good Sunday!

  4. ooh! whipped cream on oats! that’s a first! genius idea! I shall go buy whipped cream asap!
    and can’t wait for your bsi entry!

  5. Yum, I love reddiwhip! It’s a total staple in my house 😀 I love that you put it on the green oats!

    Sounds like you’re doing great on the challenge, and your BSI entry sounds awesome!

    My weekend was good– I had my first 10K race today, which went well. But boy, am I gonna be sore tomorrow! Haha. Have a great night!

  6. Up looks really cute, I want to see that too. I love Pixar movies. My boyfriend and I go see “kids” movies all the time, I love them!

    Sounds like you are doing great with the Whole Life Challenge!

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