Mom’s Matching Green Oat Bran

My mom’s flight finally got in last night around 12:30AM.  It was originally supposed to get in at 9:30PM!  Poor mom.  She went to bed as soon as we got back to our apartment… She’d been up for about 24 hours straight.

I made two batches of green oat bran this morning… Mine was: oat bran, peanut butter, salt & vanilla, and TONS of spinach.  Mom’s was: oat bran (smaller portion), small spoon of peanut butter, small bit of mashed banana, salt & vanilla, and a medium handful of spinach.  She also drizzled a little bit of honey on top.


Mine was much greener than mom’s.  She was so shocked that she really could not taste the spinach.  She tried mine (lots of  spinach) but still said it was really good, even though she could sort of taste it… She’s definitely going for more spinach tomorrow.

Before I made us our green breakfasts, I did 25 minutes of Dave Farmar’s Sun Salutations #2 (yogadownload).  It was… okay.  I like my own flows better.  My flows are a bit more challenging and fun.  I skipped the beginning (child’s pose) and the end (savasana).

Mom and I are off to the mall to get some free Fekkai products (I have some coupons for Sephora) and then I think we’re going to walk around Santana Row and do some shopping.  Anthropologie and Williams Sonoma are definitely on the list.  We might hit up Whole Foods and some of my favorite Asian markets later today too.  I have to make Mom try kabocha soon.  I’m pretty sure she’ll love it (how could you not?).

I think Mom is going to show me how to make seitan today.  She’s awesome like that.

I’m also soaking wheatberries to prep for an experiment.  And to clean out the pantry.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out…

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. yeah, Mom is here!

    want a FULL report on seitan. How you make it, what you cook it with!
    I bought some, months ago and then (for SHAME) tossed it eventually because I was SCARED!


    yeah, shopping with Mom sounds like fun

  2. I love making breakfast for my mom! It’s funny, I kinda do the same thing with pumpkin for us! I put a TON of pumpkin in my oats, and a little spoon of pumpkin for her 😀

    Have fun today!

  3. What a fun morning with momma!! haha mine would never try oat bran, she cringes at oatmeal, even, it’s such a shame.

  4. There’s nothing like shopping with your mom! Sounds like you are having a great time with her! If your mom likes it, maybe there’s hope that my mom will.

    I sometimes skip out on the savasana too, if i’m low on time. shhh don’t tell anyone 😉

    Have a fabulous time!

  5. I ate green oats for breakfast for the first time today. So…..Effing….good!

    Have a great visit with your mom

  6. so glad that your mom arrived and she likes green oatbran!! it’s really hard to not to like it though! 🙂
    have fun with her!

  7. haha, this has me smiling, thinking of daughter teaching the mother! I’m sure you guys will have the most wonderful time…come on, there’s kabocha in there, how can you not? 😉

  8. oh i hope to hear about your seitan making! i have only eaten and cooked it already made, but i sure like it.

  9. Awww…I want mommy & me outbran, too! How cute. Your mom is so adventerous. On my last trip home, I made my mom oatmeal with soymilk and this was a big deal for her. Hehe. She’s a carb-phobe.
    Anyway, I hope you and your mom are having a great time together 🙂 Can’t wait to see homemade seitan!

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