More raw & combining stuff

In the past four days I have conquered more food fears than I have in three years.

Unmeasured tablespoons of peanut butter with raisins and celery? Check. (AKA ants on a log.)  I have been making this for Bobby to put in his lunches, and I realized it was a perfectly combined little dish.  I had several stalks of celery with lots of peanut butter (I honestly don’t know how much, but it was at least 3-4+ tablespoons) with a big raw salad and dressing for lunch.

07 ants on a log

Lots of bread with unmeasured avocado and honey? Check. Pictured are my first 2 slices.  I’m not going to say how many I ate last night because it’s rather embarrassing for someone who used to be scared of bread.  Nom. Let’s just say that it’s true what you hear about being able to eat huge portions on the raw diet.  (This is Ezekiel bread, by the way. I like the 7-grain best, but I also have a loaf of the 4:9 kind.)

34 bread avo honey

Ears of corn with honey and sea salt? Check.  Okay, this wasn’t really a fear, but it was just a yummy snack. Have you tried raw corn yet?

35 corn honey

Unmeasured dark chocolate with no tummy rumblings or guilt? Check. I need to go buy more chocolate.  Bars no longer last a week in this house.  They last two days, tops. I might downgrade to lower percentages though – Bobby is getting pissed because I’ve eaten all of his chocolate stash (73%), but I like “sharing” with him and he doesn’t appreciate 100% like I do.

28 100 cacoa

I don’t know what is going on with me.  I think I have eaten more in the past four days than I have in months and months – and I’m happy. More than happy.

Maybe healthy fats and healthy starches (separately of course! these do not combine) are mood-boosters.  Something has changed and I’m thrilled. I’m a little bit nervous for the detox that will probably come in the next few weeks, but at least I know it’s coming and I’ll be prepared.  My intestines have already cleared themselves out of a whole lotta junk – this morning I woke up truly hungry for the first time in ages.  Usually my digestive system is so backed up that no matter what I do the night before (no snacking, early dinner, etc…) I am never hungry in the morning.

36 cantaloupe

I have already devoured an entire cantaloupe today.  They were 2/$4 at Whole Foods yesterday so I got 3.  I am off to do insurance crap (ugh), maybe some yoga, make Bobby a lunch, and then teach at 12.  I actually have to say… I don’t think I’m cut out for it.  Good thing this is only 4 weeks.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Tuesdays… So far mine is off to a pretty good start 🙂

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  1. Ok, first I have never thought to put avocado and honey on bread! This NEEDS to be a new lunch for me. That sounds SO GREAT!

    Second, I am SO happy you are feeling so great! It sounds like food combining is doing wonders for you. Your good experiences make me want to really give it a go. I need to figure things out if I am going to try it, but I am just so thrilled you are feeling so great!

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I just started reading your blog a little while ago, & I’m at the same point you are with Natalia’s RFDD – it feels so weird not to measure my nut butters or have dark chocolate bars last for a month, but I completely know what you mean about the changes that are already happening.
    I wake up hungry (what?!?!), feel more energetic after eating half a cantaloupe and a couple of plums than I ever did after a bowl of banana oats + almond butter, and just feel more content during the day – does that make sense? I mean, I’m not always thinking about when I can eat next, or craving something sweet/carby. AND me & my digestive system have been loving each other lately, which is pretty rare.
    I’m also as nervous as you are about the detox-ing that is gonna go down here in the next couple of weeks, but I’m really excited to keep this going and see all of the positive changes 🙂

    wow that was long.
    my bad.

  3. whoops.

    i meant “NOT have dark chocolate last for a month…” as in, it lasts for a few days at most…

  4. you are doing awesome!!!!

    not needing to measure and worry is such a freedom isn’t it!!!

    I love raw corn and just recently my husband realized it was so good too (he was skeptical) and the chocolate always is vaporized fast in our house and now NOW that I am eating a chunk or two a day….even more so ! HA

    my biggest boo is not being able to mix avo and nuts. So I have started waiting till dinner for my daily guac. well see. That and starches are a bit complexing…and I am missing grains. May need to give myself a break about this for now…it’s causing me grief! HA

    I am so thrilled you are thriving on this…and don’t worry too much about detoxing. I had 2 days with bouts of cold symptoms last week.

    no biggie. sometimes my face and neck break out for a day or two. You eat good quality food so it’s not like you’ve gone from SAD to this. you’ll be fine…but at least you KNOW what is going on.

    THAT’s half the battle! I actually refused to treat my “cold” symptoms with cold suppressent meds… I felt I should just let my body rid of the ick itself.
    sure enough right as rain!

    happiness to you!

  5. I’m so glad you are overcoming some of your fears:) I have never heard of mixing avocado with honey! I’ll have to try that when I can add some things back to my limited diet–will be a while:( Have a great afternoon!

  6. So glad to hear you speaking positively about eating a lot of food!

    (I eat a ton of food so, yeah love it.)

    I’m also dabbling in raw foods. I love food combining, I think it makes so much sense! I’m going to start getting more into that in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to read more about your raw journey!

  7. This post made me so happy 😀 You know, I’m reading the book and finding it hard to imagine me actully making such major changes, then I read your posts and suddenly it seems like such an obvious choice to make.

    I have some questions about the ideas in the book and the health complications I have so going to be doing some further research and reading…considering consulting a raw nutritionist.

    Hmmm…avocado with honey sounds almost too good to be true!

  8. Maggie it sounds like the changes you are making are really working for you and have made such a positive impact! That is wonderful.
    I didn’t know there were different kinds of Ezekiel breads. I’m going to have to re-educate myself on American foods when I get back!

  9. It is really nice to hear how happy and great you are feeling! I can so relate to the unmeasured portions fears, but you know, I’ve started to REALLY enjoy my SPOONFULS of PB..measuring is time consuming, messy, and stressful. It really takes a lot of pressure off when you don’t measure things. In the end, it’s just silly.

    Hope you have a great rest of your day!

  10. Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear that. Conquering our food fears is a HUGE step.

    I’ve been eating PB on celery lately and it’s impressive just how much PB can be packed into a stalk… goodness. Neat idea with the corn/honey/salt!

  11. I’m so happy to hear that you are not only getting health/body benefits, but also that you are getting over your fears! Mmm, toast with avocado and honey sounds like a fabulous combo 🙂

  12. That’s awesome your eating like that now. I am slowly starting to eat carbs again and I am not as hungry like I was before. I looooooooove ant’s on a log so yum!

  13. I am STILL trying to get over my fear of OD-ing on avocado and nuts. However, I am practically to the point mentally where if my weight fluctuates a pound or two I am ok with it because I have been eating for 2 weeks now without guilt or feeling upset or depressed over food choices, which, sadly, is a new thing for me!

    I just bought Sarma’s new book and while I haven’t made anything yet (I never seem to have all of the ingredients), it looks great! Can’t wait to see what new raw recipes you make! 🙂

  14. yessss i love raw corn. AND cantaloup! (but not together, haha.) but what i DO love together is nut butter and oats. i could never give that up. my mornings would never be the same. so kudos to you and your proper food combining!

  15. So glad to read this is working! Coming from someone who is just starting to try food combining – had a mashed avocado sammie for lunch and copious amounts of dark chocolate – I am VERY excited!!

  16. Girl, I am so proud of you!!! Conquering fear foods is a huge step and all your eats are nourishing and delicious! You know I love me some Avocado Toast!

    Dark Chocolate…drool!

  17. Congrats on all the checks you checked off your list =) I used to eat the celery snack all the time when I was younger, I should get back into that fad!

  18. sounds like you’re having fun with this new eating style! Did you learn everything about food combining from Rose’s book? What else does the book say? I’m intrigued! 🙂
    And what do you mean by detox? Are you going to do a detox diet? or the new food combining thing is the detox thing? I’m a little confused!
    But really happy for you Maggie! I am happy when you’re positive and happy! 😀

  19. Maggie, please fly over here so I can squeeze the bejeesus out of you! I really am grinning from ear to ear at this awesomely positive and strong post, so uplifting and encouraging for me too! YES for conquering fear food, and being FREE from self-bondage!

  20. doesn’t unmeasured food just taste way more satisfying?! i am so proud of you for overcoming such difficult challenges recently — you are such an inspiration, girl! xo

  21. I am now a firm believer that eating sufficient healthy fats and complex carbohydrates has a HUGE effect on your moods. I’ve been suffering from depression for the last 18 months; it’s been terrible at times, to be honest, and it’s gone hand-in-hand with the eating disorder that I developed after losing weight. In the past month or so, I’ve taken more steps toward recovery than I had in a whole year previously, and I can’t get over the difference that boosting my fat intake and keeping my blood sugar stable with snacks is making. It’s incredible how many POSITIVE effects the right foods can have on the body! 🙂

  22. honey child! you are on a roll. keep it up, i wanna get on your train. your body is happy with what you are doing!

  23. yay for feeling fabulous! i just finished reading the “food combining” section of miss natalia, and think i am going to try to put some principles into action. that raw corn + honey + salt looks amazing! happy humpday!

  24. The avacado honey things looks wonderful! Last night I had Gena’s guacamole and it had agave, which was delicious!

    You sound so happy and satisfied – how wonderful!

  25. Maggie, your foods look so yummy!! I am seriously drooling right now and trying to decide what I want for lunch: avo. honey and toast or avo. oats and honey, or oats, corn and avo. ….ok I am confusing myself but I am still drooling. To many yummy things to try and not enough time!! I have to say I do feel really “cleaned out”. Never really gone to the bath room this much unless I was sick. Is this happening to you? Haven’t read the whole book yet. Hard to stay in order with the e-book. I have been skipping around all over the place and forgetting what I read last. I need to refer back to the little highlights you gave me :). How long do you plan on doing the detox? Man I need to pick up some chocolate asap!! Have a great Wednesday!!


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