Quick starchy update

Heather and Justine inspired oat bran with raw corn & raw honey topping.  Cooked in unsweetened almond milk.

13 corn oat bran

Me-inspired oat bran with avocado and honey topping.  Cooked in unsweetened almond milk and enjoyed with the latest issue of Cooking Light.

12 avocado honey oat bran

Amazing grass raw green superfood bar. Nom.  ‘Nuff said.

11 amazing bar

Happy weekend 🙂

12 Replies to “Quick starchy update”

  1. SEE have to tell Heather her RAW corn n oats is gettin’ around.
    I’m gonna try them!

    THANKS Maggie for some great ideas!

  2. I’m still so intrigued by this avocado/honey combo but am nervous to try it…. I don’t know why since I love to make “choc mousse” from avocados!

  3. Magpie!! I didnt even realize you had blogged since that last post. Silly me. I have been meaning to email you also. Hope everything is going good on your end! I have been thinking about you 🙂


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