New fun things – Chipotle

This is from Thursday night…

17 chipotle pork

A carnitas/barbacoa (pork) salad from Chipotle.

  • extra lettuce
  • carnitas (pork)
  • a few beans that I didn’t eat (I don’t like beans)
  • extra fajita veggies
  • extra salsa
  • sour cream on the side
  • a wedge of lemon. why not?

I love Chipotle because they are really promoting Food, Inc.  Chipotle’s motto is “Food With Integrity”.  Food With Integrity is described by these words: unprocessed, seasonal, family-farmed, sustainable, nutritious, naturally raised, added hormone free, organic, and artisanal. I honestly feel good about eating everything they serve there. And hey, this is well-combined (without the beans).  Cool.

Quick starchy update

Heather and Justine inspired oat bran with raw corn & raw honey topping.  Cooked in unsweetened almond milk.

13 corn oat bran

Me-inspired oat bran with avocado and honey topping.  Cooked in unsweetened almond milk and enjoyed with the latest issue of Cooking Light.

12 avocado honey oat bran

Amazing grass raw green superfood bar. Nom.  ‘Nuff said.

11 amazing bar

Happy weekend 🙂

A day in the life

Disclaimer (got this from Ellie) – everything pictured was eaten; not everything eaten was pictured.

Yesterday I started off the morning starving, so I chopped a cantaloupe in half and ate the entire thing with a spoon.  This was between 9:30-10:30am. I think there was more fruit as well. I’ve been working on a watermelon and some bananas.

36 cantaloupe

When I got a package from Amazing Grass I jumped right in.  I had this Very cool Organic GREENSuperFood Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar (raw, cold processed, alkaline, gluten free, fair trade, dairy free, vegan). The bar was so delicious – chocolate coating, and the inside was perfectly sweet, raw, and delicious.  I’d highly recommend it.  (Nutritionals – 230 calories, 9 grams fat, 37 carbs, 4 fiber, 5 protein, lots of vitamins.) I had this around 11:15am. I was still feeling peckish so I had a bunch of baby carrots as well (unpictured).

02 grass chocolate bar

Sometime in the afternoon after I taught my class (Geometry) I made myself a large bowl of oat bran (heaping 1/2 cup dry) with avocado (1/2 of a big one) and honey (2-3 tablespoons).  Oh, and I cooked it in water and unsweetened almond milk.

03 oat bran avocado honey

I did some yoga – 60 minutes of a Wade Zinter flow (9/5/08).  I just picked one that said it had twists in it.  It didn’t actually have that many. After that I tried 2 more Amazing Grass products…

05 amazing grass

06 amazing grass mango pomegranate

07 amazing grass chocolate

Amazing MealPomegranate Mango Infusion.  I had a whole packet mixed with almond milk and water.  (Nutritionals – 110 calories, 1 gram fat, 13 carbs, 6 fiber, 10 protein.)  It was… okay.  I was way more impressed by the delicious amazing bar I had in the morning.  This tasted kind of chalky. I also tried another Amazing MealChocolate Infusion.  Same thing – a whole packet mixed with water and unsweetened almond milk.  This was much better.  Still a little bit chalky, but chocolatey too. Yummy.  And I was snacking on a bunch of these (Ezekiel bread with raw honey):

10 bread raw honey

I decided to stick with the starch theme of the day and make another avocado-honey pizza for me (Bobby had a normal pizza on the other half).  I had the whole half on the left seen here.

09 pizza

And more slices of bread with raw honey as dessert.  I actually skipped the chocolate yesterday; I think I had too much the day before and it didn’t feel too good.

Apparently I had this too (it’s in my camera) – maybe with dinner, or before dinner, or in the afternoon (baby carrots with raw honey):

08 raw honey carrots

Again, everything pictured was eaten; not everything eaten was pictured.

Do you guys have questions about anything I’m doing with my food combining?  I’ve emailed a lot of people individually, but maybe I should do a more comprehensive post regarding this new combining thing that I’m going…  Again, I’m *not* trying to eat raw.  I’m trying to:

  • eat fruit in the morning.
  • for the rest of the day – keep “starch”, “flesh”, and “nuts/seeds/dried fruit” in their separate categories.  these categories don’t “combine”. however, raw veggies combine with all of these categories and cooked veggies combine with the first two.

Hope this helps 🙂  Happy Hump Day!

More raw & combining stuff

In the past four days I have conquered more food fears than I have in three years.

Unmeasured tablespoons of peanut butter with raisins and celery? Check. (AKA ants on a log.)  I have been making this for Bobby to put in his lunches, and I realized it was a perfectly combined little dish.  I had several stalks of celery with lots of peanut butter (I honestly don’t know how much, but it was at least 3-4+ tablespoons) with a big raw salad and dressing for lunch.

07 ants on a log

Lots of bread with unmeasured avocado and honey? Check. Pictured are my first 2 slices.  I’m not going to say how many I ate last night because it’s rather embarrassing for someone who used to be scared of bread.  Nom. Let’s just say that it’s true what you hear about being able to eat huge portions on the raw diet.  (This is Ezekiel bread, by the way. I like the 7-grain best, but I also have a loaf of the 4:9 kind.)

34 bread avo honey

Ears of corn with honey and sea salt? Check.  Okay, this wasn’t really a fear, but it was just a yummy snack. Have you tried raw corn yet?

35 corn honey

Unmeasured dark chocolate with no tummy rumblings or guilt? Check. I need to go buy more chocolate.  Bars no longer last a week in this house.  They last two days, tops. I might downgrade to lower percentages though – Bobby is getting pissed because I’ve eaten all of his chocolate stash (73%), but I like “sharing” with him and he doesn’t appreciate 100% like I do.

28 100 cacoa

I don’t know what is going on with me.  I think I have eaten more in the past four days than I have in months and months – and I’m happy. More than happy.

Maybe healthy fats and healthy starches (separately of course! these do not combine) are mood-boosters.  Something has changed and I’m thrilled. I’m a little bit nervous for the detox that will probably come in the next few weeks, but at least I know it’s coming and I’ll be prepared.  My intestines have already cleared themselves out of a whole lotta junk – this morning I woke up truly hungry for the first time in ages.  Usually my digestive system is so backed up that no matter what I do the night before (no snacking, early dinner, etc…) I am never hungry in the morning.

36 cantaloupe

I have already devoured an entire cantaloupe today.  They were 2/$4 at Whole Foods yesterday so I got 3.  I am off to do insurance crap (ugh), maybe some yoga, make Bobby a lunch, and then teach at 12.  I actually have to say… I don’t think I’m cut out for it.  Good thing this is only 4 weeks.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Tuesdays… So far mine is off to a pretty good start 🙂

Whirlwind day!

Yesterday I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna (Eat, Live, Run):

33 me and jenna

I need a haircut, ick. Jenna’s in the last stages of interviewing for A Really Goode Job for Murphy-Good Winery.  Good luck Jenna!  Bobby and I both went to her wine tasting and we walked away with a delicious bottle of white (which I normally don’t like) – The Fume (Sauvignon Blanc).  Here’s what they say about it: “The 2008 vintage boasts flavors and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits expressed over a bright, yet rich mouthfeel.”  It sure tasted good to me 😀

the fume

We tried a whole bunch of different wines, and while our favorite was actually a red (Terra a Lago – Cabernet Sauvignon), we couldn’t justify spending $45 on a bottle of wine.  The Fume was only $12.50, and really awesome. Bobby was tipsy by the end, so I got to drive home.

Oh, boy.  There was traffic on the highway and we got rear-ended (just a few scratches, but there were actually 2 other cars involved so we all had to pull over and exchange information, and it took a while).  We were the front car so insurance should cover it and it was NOT my fault in the least.  The guy in front of me slammed on his brakes, so I braked too and stopped, and the person behind me stopped in time, but the person behind HIM hit him and shoved him into me.  Blah.

And then I got pulled over for speeding. And Bobby doesn’t have his registration in the car.  But I was very sweet and flustered and told the officer about getting rear ended and he just let us go with a warning. California cops are much nicer than any others I’ve met – when I lived in New Jersey and New York I had several speeding tickets and was never let off with a warning.

Before the eventful day started, we had breakfast.  My breakfast for the last few days (since Saturday) has been tons and tons of fruit (watermelon and cantaloupe).  Unlimited fruit for breakfast is really great.  I also wanted to share Bobby’s well-combined meal:

31 bagel avo sesame mustard

A whole wheat bagel (starch) with mustard (neutral) and avocado (combines with starch!)… and sesame seeds (this does not combine well, but he wouldn’t leave them off).  I love how you don’t have to go crazy with the raw stuff – you can do something as simple as properly combining a bagel with avocado and it works.  It’s so easy to incorporate food combining.

Speaking of amazingly combined meals, I had the same thing for dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights…

29 chipotle

A humongous salad from chipotle.  This is:

  • extra lettuce
  • black beans
  • extra fajita veggies
  • extra red salsa
  • extra corn salsa
  • a ton of guac, which I finished both times!!

The ladies making my salad all commented on how huge it was.  I just smiled 🙂  After dinner I have been eating Ezekiel bread with honey (and dark chocolate).

On Saturday I got a package from the lovely Justine (I won her contest) – oat bran and peanut butter. I got Artisana raw coconut butter from her the other day as well (what great timing).  Thanks, girl!

30 justine's winscoconut butter

Check out Clare’s chayote creation – she tried it after seeing it on my blog the other week.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I got a job teaching 2 classes for 4 weeks (2 hours/day for each class) – Alebra 2/Trigonometry and Geometry.  They start today, and I hope it’ll be fun.  My SAT teaching ended on Saturday.

If you got through this monster of a post I applaud you – and I hope you’re having a great Monday.