Hey, hi :)

I’ve been enjoying a lot of this (simple protein oat bran – soy protein powder):

02 protein oat bran

Many new meals

A lot of this (celery + peanut butter + various dried fruit):

07 ants on a log

And almost too much of this (fresh fruit):

36 cantaloupe

This was dinner the other night – organic, grass-fed beef from Trader Joe’s (85/15, not so lean); tomatoes; cabbage; asparagus; garlic stems (Asian grocery store, frozen); a ton of spices; sauces (teriyaki, soy)… I think that was it? If you want a recipe I’d be happy to try to come up with something. It tasted like chili.

01 beef chili

I had it withΒ parmesan! Bobby had his over rice with some cheddar.

P.S. Justine gave me this lovely award – the Honest Award πŸ™‚


I’m supposed to list 10 things about myself and pass it on – the 10 things might happen in the next post, and I’m passing it on to all of my bloggies πŸ™‚ If you haven’t been tagged yet, you’re it!

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  1. I can’t handle too much sugar either, my face breaks out immediately…to my dismay! I wish I could eat copious amounts of fruit (well, more than I do now since I can’t stop myself) and natural sugars. That’s why I love stevia though, no breakouts!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that honey and fruits are giving you skin issues! Love that you are experimenting with what works for you though, and not on what other people say πŸ™‚

    I hope everything works out, Maggie!

  3. I don’t have skin issues with too much fruit sugar… but I don’t have sweet tooth, so I don’t enjoy too much sweets.
    That beef meal looks delicious, never add purple cabbage to stir-fries, need to try that! πŸ™‚

  4. Am I outta the loop? I feel like I need to know this news?? Maybe I am just nosy? Any how I hope you are doing well you sweet girl!! Your dinner looks lovely. I think white sugar breaks me out. Not so much fruit though. Have a great night πŸ™‚


  5. Probably a good idea to give up the whole “raw all the time” thing before you add in the meat πŸ™‚ Kidding. You’re finding out what works best for you, and that’s a very good thing. I hope all is well…e-mail me if you want to vent or share!

  6. Hey! I hope everything’s ok! Feel free to send me a message or talk to me online whenever you need to.
    I’ve been trying the combining thing as much as possible and did read through the whole book about it. It seems to make a lot of sense but I’m still finding it really difficult to stick to. I run out of ideas for meals and snacks!
    Another thing I’m struggling with is whether it’s a good idea for ME. A big part of me I think is clinging on to it as just another thing to obsess about and I don’t think that’s healthy. And it’s leading to some bad choices later in the day that I’m sure you’d understand and I can elaborate more on if we talk online soon.
    I’m glad you’re working on finding a balance and what works for you so hopefully I can figure out what works for me soon.
    Can’t wait for your next post!

  7. oh that beef hot pot looks so pretty! i have never heard of sugar acting up in the skin!? you are so aware maggie it is just awesome.

    you know im praying for your continued mending. it will keep getting better.

    looking forward to your ten things… πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Maggie, So much going on for you! Well, I am really happy that the blogging break has been positive, and that you are tailoring the raw thing to what you know works for *you*. You are an inspiration, girlie, and I do hope that you are feeling awesome, because you are πŸ™‚

  9. Ants on a log! Yummy. Sorry about the fruit and honey. I like apples with honey. But most fruit would be too sweet with honey.

  10. I love ants on a log I had that as a snack after work so good and it fills you up. That’s beef dish looked really good. Parmesean cheese is sooooooooo good I love it. That sucks about your skin. I had melasma last year and it makes your skin look like you have a huge rash on it.Atleast you know what caused your breakout!

  11. It’s good to figure out what works for your body- but I’m sorry to hear that honey and fruit don’t agree with you all the time! That’s a major bummer.

    Dinner looks tasty.

  12. i don’t think I can ever live without fruits, but I can tell if I’ve overloaded on them. How does it feel to slowly introduce meat back into your diet?

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