I’m a veggie, I’m a veggie, from Abbeywood way

Last night we made pizza for our friends over at their house. I prepped the dough at our place (using my super awesome recipe) and took it, along with various toppings, over to theirs. We ended up with 4 pizzas…

Chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and mozzarella + parmesan.

Beef (free range, organic, grass fed), mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and cheddar + parmesan.

Veggie – mushrooms, olives, cheddar + parmesan.

Unpictured veggie – mushrooms, red peppers, olives, mozzarella + parm. I’m sure you can guess which pizzas I had.

But we didn’t just have pizza. I made a nice veggie stir fry as well (Brussels sprouts, collard greens, red pepper, onions, burdock, and various sauces).

And our friends made this yummy bread topped with crab + mayo + curry dip. They baked it for a few minutes and it was delicious.

Dessert was ice cream for me, and another slice of pizza when we got home.

This morning I woke up to a nice bowl of oat bran. I loved that grilled cheese yesterday, but it was not filling at all. (For me. Bobby claims his was very filling.) A heart healthy serving of oat bran is my favorite breakfast. This one had some protein powder, flax seeds, and sesame seeds for crunch.

I also did a little raw experiment this morning. I made Averie’s Raw Donut Holes – so simple. Mine were kind of crumbly, because I am impatient and my food processor is getting old.

Ingredients – 1/2 cup flax seeds + 1 tablespoon maple syrup + 1 tablespoon flax seeds mixed in at the end.

Directions – grind the 1/2 cup of flax seeds. Add the maple syrup and blend some more. Add the last bit of flax seeds, mix some more, and shape into balls. Mine made about 20 balls (teaspoon size).

Haven’t figured out lunch yet. Tonight we are heading up to San Francisco to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We’re going to this Italian place and I’m trying to figure out what to get. What do you get when you eat Italian? What would you order from Amarena?

Oh yeah… we are moving. I’ve kept it a semi-secret for a while. We’ll be heading back east to New York city in a few weeks. I’m happy 🙂 More deets to come.

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  1. Those pizzas look absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe they’re homemade – the toppings are so yummy sounding!

    When I order Italian out I usually get something that I don’t make at home. Home is usually the simple stuff – pasta w/ red sauce and sometimes meatballs. Rarely do I make a white sauce or something cheesy at home, so I tend to go that route when ordering out– like a stuffed shell maybe? HOWEVER upon looking at Amarena’s menu I would definitely order the butternut squash filled ravioli in a heartbeat!!!! Mmm that sounds soooo good!

    Have fun in San Fran and also way exciting about the move! 🙂

  2. Those pizzas look sooo good. I agree with Christina, I usually go for something I would never make myself or possibly make for myself.

  3. The pizzas look amazing!

    I’m very boring at Italian restaurants and always get the gnocchi (my friends make fun of me because of it…). But it’s a great way for me to “judge” a restaurant….

    Wow. The move sounds exciting!

  4. Oooh, I like the sounds of those raw donut holes. I’ve made the ones with dates and coconut before, but that version sounds fab! I’m actually not a huge pasta fan, so I tend to get meat dishes at Italian restaurants. But for some reason, the bread at Italian places always tastes amazing!

    Ahh! New York sounds so exciting!

  5. Pizza is always a good choice! It’s my favorite food in the world! 🙂
    I can’t wait to meet you when you come to NYC! What part will you be staying in?

  6. Thanks for the donut holes shoutout Maggie!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed them. Yeah, I dont know the results with a food proc vs. a Vita but you just verified it’s possible, albeit a smidge cumbley. Coconut oil can fix that too 🙂 Anyway the pizza looks ROCKIN as well. Enjoy your nite sweetie 🙂

  7. Yeah NY!!! So excited for you!
    I never feel as satisfied with savory breakfasts no matter the size. I guess my sweet tooth gets the better of me, but it ‘s just not the same.
    That recipe is crazy simple, I need to make it! It’s so funny we both had a pizza night.
    That restaurant looks really good, and since they have homemade pastas you should try them. I really want to go back to Italy for fresh pasta! It was soooo good and I’ve searched all over since I”ve come back but pasta here is so bland. I love gnocchi so that sticks out on the menu, or else the ravioli di zucca- squash ravioli!

  8. Oooh, NYC! You are so sneaky 😉 Can’t wait to hear more details because I’m nosy like that 😉 And very happy for you!

    I love how you paired the pizza with tons of veggies. I think you could definitely teach me more about balance 🙂

  9. such a fun pizza night with friends and good homemade food! I’ve never made pizza dough myself, I need to learn how to do that!
    oat bran is great filling breakfast, I’m sure it hold you longer than grilled sandwich! 😀

  10. LOVE home made pizza!
    I HAVE to give your pizza dough a look at!

    I know it’s YUM

    I knew you were! NYC…get a rope!

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