Christmukkah Party! Latkes Galore!

I am currently on Day 1 of the Blueprint cleanse, but I will review that when it’s over. Now I’m going to post about a holiday/Christmukkah party that my friends had last weekend. Last Saturday (the 19th) was the day of that huge snowstorm in New York. Bobby and I trekked up 10 blocks to David and Sarah’s house (my coworker and his fiance) for a Christmukkah party to raise money for Cycle for Survival (a very cool charity; check it out).

We walked in to see this:

05 desserts

Really awesome desserts. There were nut cluster things, and rice krispy treats, and cookies, and some kind of chocolate bark. I mostly had the nut clusters, but Bobby loved the rice krispy treats. Sarah was cooking when we got there.

02 sarah cooking

Dinner was some delicious latkes. I never really had good latkes before. We dipped these in homemade applesauce and sour cream.

04 latkes!

And there were lots of snacks – chips, salsa, baked brie (inside yummy buttery bread), pears, drinks (eggnog, soda, alcohols), cheesy spinach dip, and crackers.

03 party spread

It was really fun. I missed going to parties – we never did much in California.

01 party pose

Their apartment was painted really nicely so I think I might get ours painted. It could do with a fresh coat. And here we all are (minus Bobby, who took the picture, and Ann, who left early):

07 party people

I should really get the recipe for the latkes. It’s one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes.

What’s your favorite party food? I usually bring a fruit salad – it’s pretty much no fail as long as you put some lemon juice and honey in it! And mint is a good addition too.

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  1. My husband is Jewish and growing up, I was amongst Jews and am no stranger to latkes and they are soooooo good when done right, arent’ they!!

    The cleanse. Wow. I have never “cleansed” per se and have nothing but admiration for anyone who can do it! I know Gena’s got one she’s promoting and the Juice Fast (Feast…LOL) People…good luck, keep us posted on why you did it, how it’s going, etc!

  2. I just saw some recipes on the magazine about latkes!! they look really good, and I am gonna try them out these days !!!! so lucky you just had them in the party!!
    Merry X’mas ! sorry being a little late 😀

  3. latkes! never done or had. might be a good carb option to look into for this gluten-free girl. i do love me some ketchup.

    what is this cleanse maggie? im not much of a cleanse/detox/diet person, but im not gonna judge until i get more info i spose. my opinion i guess is careful with stuff like this! love ya maggie, all the best.

  4. I love the veggie platters. Plus it’s so convenient to use up the leftovers since they’re already all washed and cut. I eat plate after plate after plate. I just try to keep in mind to make a healthy(ier) dip so I don’t overdo it in that dept. Love the apartment colors!

  5. I’m a sucker for dips! Love them and they are soo not a good choice. I bring a Pizza Dip to almost every friend-party I go to b/c everyone loves it soo much. I always try to set it down and head to another room – that way, when I come back it’s usually almost always gone.

  6. Yeah, California is surprisingly much less social than you would think!

    I always love the fruit salad. I am usually asked to bring dessert, but the stuffed mushrooms I recently made were a huge hit.

    Good luck with the cleanse, looks interesting!

  7. I love casual get togethers like that! I also do both Christmas and Hannukah so I get latkes and a tree 🙂 I love making sweet potato latkes. I usually try and bring the healthy dishes to parties too, not because they’re my favorite to make- I love showing off my baking with really decadent desserts! But because I know there will always be plenty of treats and heavy foods at these parties and need some balance.
    The food they give you on that cleanse actually sounds really good (though not enough!) I have to ask, why are you doing it? I’m always curious about these different diet things just as you are, but know that too much of this can be unhealthy for anyone. Just be careful and use moderation!

  8. I remember when another blogger did that cleanse! can’t wait to hear about it. I am about to start a green smoothie cleanse but am going to be drinking a lot more greens all year long!

    parties are fun..we don’t go to many either!
    glad you had fun and I too love her paint color! it’s so refreshing!

  9. I’ve read several posts about latkes with applesauce this holiday season, and I want to try this combo. I think I’ve been missing out on something brilliant!

    CD and I usually bring a salad or roasted veggies to every party as I’m always afraid there won’t be anything green to eat. 🙂

  10. latkes are so delicious and suprisingly easy to make. email me if youw ant the recipe and i ll shoot it your way 🙂

  11. Mmm I’ve never had latkes.. the horrroor. Gah! But everything looks delicious,and I just spent like ten minutes on that cleanse website lol. Looks interesting!

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