Review: Equinox Classes!

Here are all of the classes I have taken since I started my one month Equinox pass last Sunday. Equinox has been amazing so far. I’m curious to see if they’ll offer us a discount after the month; I have a specific number in mind (which is still way to high!) that I will pay to join… I’m hoping they hit that number.

Sunday, 1/10: intenSati kickoff (60+ mins of intenSati; with Patricia)

Monday, 1/11: intenSati (60 mins; with Erika) and hip hop to the 1/2 (45 mins; with Erika)

Tuesday, 1/12: slow flow yoga (60 mins) and pilates/bartenieff fusion (45 minutes but I was late)

Friday, 1/15: warrior flow yoga (60 mins) and zumba (60 mins)

Saturday, 1/16: intenSati (60 mins; with Lindsay)

Sunday, 1/17: vinyasa yoga (60 mins) and intenSati (60 mins; with Erika)

Monday, 1/18: intenSati (60 mins; with Lindsay)

My favorite intenSati class so far was definitely the kickoff class with Patricia Moreno leading. She is such an amazingly beautiful, strong woman. Erika is also pretty kickass and Lindsay is so upbeat. I actually remember the affirmations from Lindsay’s class this morning (cuz I took it Saturday too). You say all these phrases while do vigorous cardio and feeling strong:

I celebrate my strength
I believe in myself
I have what it takes
I want it I want it I really really want it
I am committed YES to doing my part
I am ready to get moving
I am willing to get moving
I am able to get moving
I am moving right now
What do you intend for 2010?
Happiness and Joy… say it again!

As for the other classes:

I really liked Tuesday night’s slow flow yoga. The instructor was Maja Sidebaeck. It was exactly the kind of class I would teach.

Friday’s yoga was pretty good too – I actually can’t remember the class that well, but I know that I walked away feeling good. The instructor was Adrian Molina.

Sunday’s class… not that great, to be honest. The instructor hardly adjusted anyone at all and he offered no guidance – he just counted out the breaths for every single pose and walked around with his eyes closed. It was kind of strange. I think it was a sub or something because the picture online of the guy doesn’t look like the guy in class (or maybe I just couldn’t see because I wasn’t wearing contacts). I won’t say his name just in case it’s the wrong guy 😉

Friday night’s Zumba was great – Zumba does not feel like exercise to me. It’s just too fun.

But (yes, I’m girly), I think my main reason for wanting to join Equinox is their locker rooms (did I say this already?). Okay – the showers have Kiehl’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They have Kiehl’s body lotion. The towels are usually warm. They have blow dryers, razors, and shaving cream for you to use – free of charge. They have deodorant, hair spray, cotton balls, q-tips, and mouth wash – free. And probably more that I’m forgetting.

My skin feels like a baby’s. My hands are usually dry in the winter and I can’t seem to stop rubbing them together now because they feel so good (thanks to Kiehl’s lotion). I’ve showered in my apartment maybe 3 times in the last week (I’m a frequent showerer). Ahhh, I want to join!

To think that a week and a half ago I didn’t think I had time to join a gym (truth: I don’t – but it’s important to me).

Here’s a good question… what do you do to pamper yourself? What do you *want* to do to pamper yourself (even if you can’t afford it)?

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  1. Wow you did great with it this week! I need to try yoga one day but I’m slightly scared. I wanted to go to inTensati Saturday but my bad knee got in the way 🙁 I am sitting here staring at my 5 schedules trying to decide what to do this week!

  2. Man, that sounds so awesome! I love that you’re trying tons of classes w/ your pass – that’s definitely the smart thing to do! I’d never heard of Zumba, but now that I googled they have DVDs! Cool! I’ll have to see if I can try some on Netflix or our Comcast on Demand!

    One thing that I would LOVE to do right now, but we can’t afford, is take a really relaxing vacation. I want to soak up rays on a quiet beach resort or sail around carefree on a cruise for a week. The past 6 months have been crazy w/ J’s new work responsibilities and me starting school again. We see ea. other ea. night, but I want to just slow down and enjoy quality time together again.

  3. Wow, I think I’d love all those classes! If I manage to move to NY I’ll just have to budget for this place. Isn’t Zumba amazing?! I could do it for fun every single day. In fact, I think that’s something I would do to pamper myself, I’d be super happy all the time.
    Other things I do, I def make time for yoga, I do coconut oil hair masks, and sometimes facial mud masks if I have time to sit around. And I always (almost anyways) make time to read a little every day. Even if it’s only 15 minutes before bed.

  4. WOW!!!!!!!”Equinox is their locker rooms (did I say this already?). Okay – the showers have Kiehl’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They have Kiehl’s body lotion. ”
    And yes, that’s worth the price of admission alone…my one beauty splurge as a mom is my $34 jar of K’s conditioner for my hair. Like each use is about $3-4 bucks worth. I could save $ just by joining the gym 🙂 LOL

  5. I want to go to the locker room!! 🙂 Sounds fabulous! The classes sound great too, but the showers etc.–NICE! I would join just for that. 😉

    I am going to start going to some Christian yoga classes I found in my area–to pamper myself . My main concern is the time away from home, but it will be SO worth it if I can manage my time well 😀

  6. I’m so jealous you’ve been taking classes at Equinox! I wish there was one around where I live, especially now because I am dying to check out those locker rooms! haha they really do sound amazing! Free Kiehls? I’ll take that anyday!

  7. I would love to get a weekly massage if I could…OK, daily. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be amazing?!?

    To pamper myself, I get pedicures, usually once a month. Love a good pedi.

    These classes sound intense Maggie, and I think I would have loved the slow yoga flow class as well…followed by a good lathering with Kiehl’s products!

  8. id love a massage!
    But i like to take bubble baths!

    zumba sounds like a lot of fun!!!
    and if i had the deep pockets i would SO be a member at Equinox!

  9. Wow, amazing class schedule!! Manicures and Pedicures are my pampering thing – I do it at the beginning of the summer and the end of summer. 😀

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