intenSati, Earthrise Yoga, & Great weekend.


This weekend has been wonderful. My mom came up on Thursday night and we hung out a bit after I got off work (after I did an intenSati class down at the 19th and Broadway Equinox). IntenSati was rockin’, as usual. The instructor was Natalia and the class was packed. The energy was incredibly high. Some of the affirmations were:

  • Yes, I will raise my bar
  • I’m getting happier
  • I am worth it
  • Every single day I say: “I deserve to feel amazing, starting today”
  • I am disciplined and I am awesome
  • My heart is compassionate

Earthrise Yoga

The next morning  (Friday) I woke up early and headed out to another Earthrise Yoga class at the Columbus Circle Equinox. It was another amazing amazing class, and I’m so glad I went (I had wanted to go on Thursday morning, but I decided sleep was more important… which is why I ended up at intenSati on Thursday evening). The flow was very similar to the flow on Wednesday morning (possibly the same?) so I was able to relax a bit more (I like knowing what’s coming).


Friday night my mom and I didn’t do much, but this morning we got up and went to Home Depot to pick up paint. YES! We painted the living room today a gorgeous brown.

It really ties the room together.


We ate dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant that Bobby and I went to once before called East (on 44th between 2nd and 3rd aves). I do have pictures (from both times, actually) but I’ll post them later.

More intenSati

Oh! And I went to intenSati with Lindsay this afternoon while my mom was “cutting in” (painting the corners/trim so that rolling is easier). I really like Lindsay’s classes. They’re generally a bit smaller than the other ones I go to, but I think that’s because she’s still a relatively new instructor. Today’s was at the 63rd and Lex Equinox. The affirmations were the same as last time.

What’s Next?

Mom and I are going to try to get to intenSati at 11am tomorrow morning. And later Bobby and I are going to hang out with Aunty Jo and Uncle Morris. We’re going to go get dinner with them (and maybe watch a football game?). And I should do some work.

What have you done this weekend?

Thursday Treats

My dear friend Dori is holding a charity auction *today* at her blog:

Dori’s Shiny Charity Auction

She’s running the NYC half marathon in March and she’s raising money to benefit Think Pink Rocks (a breast cancer charity). I’m offering up a homemade baked good – Pumpkin Fruit Cake OR Hot Milk Sponge Cake (your choice!). Auntie Jo kindly offered to help me out so we’ll be baking those goodies on Sunday for the winners.

Cream of Wheat is offering free samples (thanks for the link, April!):

Free Cream of Wheat

IntenSati Events:

  • Free intenSati class on January 23rd (Saturday) at 2pm at Equinox (19th and Broadway) (no RSVP necessary)
  • intenSati Workshop: Let Your Voice Lead! (Saturday, January 30th, 3-5pm at Equinox on Park Avenue and 33rd St.). It’s with Lindsay Davis, and it’s a 2-hour class (invigorating workout and thought-provoking writing session to personalize the intenSati affirmations and attitudes). FREE and open to Equinox members and non-members! Newcomers welcome! No RSVP necessary. If you have any questions contact Lindsay directly at

I also changed my layout and updated my “About” and “FAQ” pages (just slightly), so let me know what you think.

Happy Thursday! My mom is coming to visit me tonight, I’m going to intenSati at 6:30 at 19th and Broadway (come see me!), and I have a fun weekend planned.

What are you doing this weekend?

Review: EarthRise Yoga (at Equinox)

Continuing with my exercise kick…

On Tuesday morning I got up and went to EarthRise yoga from 7:30-8:30am at Equinox on 63rd and Lex (3 blocks away).

Okay – *this* is my yoga. This is exactly what I practice when I do yoga on my own. This is it!! It’s like dance… but yoga. It’s breathing and moving and flowing nonstop. It’s invigorating. Here is the description from Derek Beres’ site (that’s the instructor):

“Derek Beres is the creator of EarthRise YogaTM, a rigorous Vinyasa-based practice pulling from his decade of study in various yogic practices, as well as studies in various martial arts and dance disciplines, including certifications in Budokon and Thai Yoga Massage.”

It’s completely clear that this yoga is built on so many different foundations – martial arts, dance, vinyasa – you are constantly moving with the breath and really getting into the practice.

The hour long class had 2 major flows (each done on both sides). The flows were probably about  10 minutes per side (!). The first one went something like this (forgive me for butchering the sequence if I do):

  • leg up; knee to nose (repeat a few times)
  • leg up; knee out to the side like an L
  • lunge with back knee down and arms up; straighten legs to pyramid (repeat a few times)
  • something…
  • warrior 2 and half moon back to warrior 2
  • forward to a squat; straighten up and do a back bend (repeat a few times with the breath)
  • birds of paradise (going slowly through the whole preparation)
  • bound half moon play (!)
  • side straddle
  • warrior 2
  • something…
  • lots of side planks thrown in there
  • more stuff that I’m forgetting

That was not a very good layout of the flow; it was so long that I couldn’t even remember it at the time! I loved it though. Most of it was moving with the breath; even when we did hold poses for longer it felt like nothing. I loved the half moon bind – I didn’t even know that was a posture. And I finally got birds of paradise.

The class was set to some very cool beats (I think done by the instructor himself) and the music definitely kept the energy flowing.

There’s another one tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 63rd and Lex (same time: 7:30-8:30am) and I’m going to try to go in before work.

I am *so* glad to have found my perfect yoga class. This maybe be reason enough to join Equinox (even thought I would probably join for the showers and free Kiehl’s alone).

What’s the best exercise class you’ve ever taken?

Review: Equinox Classes!

Here are all of the classes I have taken since I started my one month Equinox pass last Sunday. Equinox has been amazing so far. I’m curious to see if they’ll offer us a discount after the month; I have a specific number in mind (which is still way to high!) that I will pay to join… I’m hoping they hit that number.

Sunday, 1/10: intenSati kickoff (60+ mins of intenSati; with Patricia)

Monday, 1/11: intenSati (60 mins; with Erika) and hip hop to the 1/2 (45 mins; with Erika)

Tuesday, 1/12: slow flow yoga (60 mins) and pilates/bartenieff fusion (45 minutes but I was late)

Friday, 1/15: warrior flow yoga (60 mins) and zumba (60 mins)

Saturday, 1/16: intenSati (60 mins; with Lindsay)

Sunday, 1/17: vinyasa yoga (60 mins) and intenSati (60 mins; with Erika)

Monday, 1/18: intenSati (60 mins; with Lindsay)

My favorite intenSati class so far was definitely the kickoff class with Patricia Moreno leading. She is such an amazingly beautiful, strong woman. Erika is also pretty kickass and Lindsay is so upbeat. I actually remember the affirmations from Lindsay’s class this morning (cuz I took it Saturday too). You say all these phrases while do vigorous cardio and feeling strong:

I celebrate my strength
I believe in myself
I have what it takes
I want it I want it I really really want it
I am committed YES to doing my part
I am ready to get moving
I am willing to get moving
I am able to get moving
I am moving right now
What do you intend for 2010?
Happiness and Joy… say it again!

As for the other classes:

I really liked Tuesday night’s slow flow yoga. The instructor was Maja Sidebaeck. It was exactly the kind of class I would teach.

Friday’s yoga was pretty good too – I actually can’t remember the class that well, but I know that I walked away feeling good. The instructor was Adrian Molina.

Sunday’s class… not that great, to be honest. The instructor hardly adjusted anyone at all and he offered no guidance – he just counted out the breaths for every single pose and walked around with his eyes closed. It was kind of strange. I think it was a sub or something because the picture online of the guy doesn’t look like the guy in class (or maybe I just couldn’t see because I wasn’t wearing contacts). I won’t say his name just in case it’s the wrong guy 😉

Friday night’s Zumba was great – Zumba does not feel like exercise to me. It’s just too fun.

But (yes, I’m girly), I think my main reason for wanting to join Equinox is their locker rooms (did I say this already?). Okay – the showers have Kiehl’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They have Kiehl’s body lotion. The towels are usually warm. They have blow dryers, razors, and shaving cream for you to use – free of charge. They have deodorant, hair spray, cotton balls, q-tips, and mouth wash – free. And probably more that I’m forgetting.

My skin feels like a baby’s. My hands are usually dry in the winter and I can’t seem to stop rubbing them together now because they feel so good (thanks to Kiehl’s lotion). I’ve showered in my apartment maybe 3 times in the last week (I’m a frequent showerer). Ahhh, I want to join!

To think that a week and a half ago I didn’t think I had time to join a gym (truth: I don’t – but it’s important to me).

Here’s a good question… what do you do to pamper yourself? What do you *want* to do to pamper yourself (even if you can’t afford it)?

Healthy Eats for a Busy Life

This week has been very very busy. I’m trying to get as much as I can out of this free Equinox pass (for the intenSati Warrior Challenge) and work is pretty crazy and I’m also trying to have a social life. Is that impossible? I wish I didn’t have to sleep.

I have eaten some very yummy things, though. These are steamed Japanese sweet potatoes:

jan 15 2010 001

I just cut up a humongous ‘tater and steamed it for about 6-7 minutes. The chunks were small enough that it cooked quickly. Tasted kind of like a ripe kabocha, but not quite as good. I miss kabocha squash – I should definitely make an effort to get some. I think I had this sweet potato with some maple syrup. Those are paint chips in the background.

AM New York (a free paper that I get going in to the subway) has had coupons recently for $5 off at Energy Kitchen. Energy kitchen is a fast food store that only sells dishes that are under 500 calories! I love it. I got this total tuna sandwich the other day:

jan 15 2010 002

It has 290 calories. Obviously you can’t just have one dish from there, because it wouldn’t be much food – but if you get a sandwich and have something extra like an apple, it’s a really yummy, healthy, satisfying lunch. I wish I had pictures of the other things I’ve tried: the veggie egg wrap with broccoli and onions (274 calories), the ostrich (!) burger (271 calories), the steamed broccoli side (kind of boring), and the sauteed mushrooms and onions side (very good!). My coworker likes Energy Kitchen too – his new year’s resolutions had to do with being healthier and eating less meat, so we like similar stuff!

Last but not least is this great salad I had a few weeks ago when I was in NJ for new year’s:

jan 03 2010 022

It’s called the Whole Earth Salad (named after the Whole Earth Center in Princeton, where my dad and sister got it). I wrote down what I think is in it so that I can try to recreate it: kale, almonds, rice/bulgar, cabbage, carrots, sesame seeds, marinated firm tofu, and a lemony dressing. It’s vegan (and vegetarian).

Off to snuggle. What are you doing this weekend?