Flexitarian Foodie Fun

Happy Birthday Dad! I’ll call you soon… Here are some of my dad’s recipes:

He also sent me these 2 recipes recently to try (haven’t gotten around to them yet):

He and my siblings picked the watercress at my [great] aunt’s house. I get my watercress in Chinatown. Small differences between living in rural New Jersey and Manhattan.

Onto today’s post… I’m not a vegetarian, but I enjoy experimenting with vegetarian food. There are many potential benefits to limiting meat in your diet, and the ones I care about are…

  • not killing animals cruelly (if you don’t eat them at all, you don’t have to worry about finding “organic” or “free-range” meat)
  • avoiding weird additives that are in non-organic meat (antibiotics, etc…)
  • smaller carbon footprint
  • it’s cheaper!
  • decreased risk of food poisoning
  • improved “regularity”

My brother and sister are both vegetarians and this weekend my brother came up for a night, so we were more veggieful than usual. Last night we went back to Sacred Chow down by NYU for dinner. I got the Tapa Salad again (with curry dressing), but this time with curried broccoli (source). I had some camera difficulties so the broccoli picture is not mine.

Rob and Bobby both got heroes – Rob got the Orange Barbecued Seitan Hero and Bobby got the Grilled Western Tofu Hero. Both came with coleslaw made of carrots… which was really boring. The sandwiches were both great though; I had a bite of each.

After dinner Rob and I got The Lite Choice (like Tasti D-lite, but better). Missy is the one who first introduced me to TLC! I won one of her giveaways and now I’m hooked. I got this, but Bobby stole some (“this is my last bite, I swear” – such a lie!). It was a dulche de leche and brownies swirl.

Do you like froyo?

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  1. I’m also a flexitarian, vegetarian learning and I haven’t had meat for over 2 months now, I can’t believe it but it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. I would like to find more veg recipes to make though.

    As for your blog name change, I say go with your heart and how you truly feel. You can always just keep the current name and use a punchy tag line in your header to portray what you’re blog is all about. Just a thought!

  2. Well, I still found you by typing the salad girl up until about a week ago…lol

    I think you could revert back to the old name but it sounds like you have an even better new name…so I vote for that!

  3. how about “City & Salad”? You do so many nice restaurant reviews and share so many yummy recipes!

  4. I like both because it really depends on what you are most comfortable with! That salad curried brocc sounds delicious.

  5. I don’t think it’s “bad” to change the blog’s name again . . . or that it’s necessarily “good” to leave it as is. What is your goal in keeping and sharing this blog? It seems as if you blog for personal reasons, not for financial gain, but simply to connect and communicate with others. So if you change the blog’s name — or don’t — it should because it feels right for YOU. If you don’t like it, go for the change. I’m intrigued to hear what other new names you have waiting in the wings, but I also like the theme of walking and travel in the title of a health blog.

    Naming is hard! I wish you creativity and courage in renaming the blog — or not. 🙂

  6. for me whatever title you put to your blog is same for me because I think I know you better and I “know” which aspect of you you’re referring to. But I agree that more descriptive title of yourself at the moment is useful for new readers to identify you. But again… do whatever make you happy!!! 😀

  7. I like Maggie Walks! I also liked Say Yes to Salad.
    Everyone else is right, do what feels right! I think your “voice” comes through very well in your posts and it doesn’t take long to figure out what the blog is all about. But a title would serve as an instant version of that- so it is a tough call.

  8. Happy Birthday to your dad! 🙂

    I think a name change is fine. All your regular readers know who you are and will be up to date with the change and can switch our blogrolls, etc. Any new ppl will find you in a few days when Google catches up!

  9. lol maggie you are so cute! why not just be whatever you are whenever you want to be it…”maggie’s blog”

    you don’t need a “catchy” label or a description beyond what this blog is about…YOU!

  10. It’s your blog sweetie! If you’re not feeling a certain name…change it…

    I seriously doubt anyone is going to leave because it’s called Maggie walks and eats salad.


    I think a good change here and there is healthy. LIFE changes and so do we.

    it’s all good!
    and I love your flexitarian phase… I am vegitarian leaning too. we use meat and cheese type things as condiments…or as a topping…as opposed to a meal base.

    love it!


  11. I’m chiming in again. I hope you pick something that allows you to just be very free and not box you into a label…how about “Morphing Maggie” or “Maggie’s Metamorphosis” or “Maggie’s Modulations”?


  12. Either say yes to Salad or your new one! But I agree… your blog is a lot about food which doesn’t lend itself to just ‘maggie walks’

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