Some Fun (Free) Exercise Routines (Videos)

My bachelorette weekend was great 🙂

I haven’t mentioned (or updated about) my whole “Operation Wedding” routine in a while, but I have been keeping up with it. I’ve definitely noticed changes in my body that I am happy with! Here are some exercise videos that will (quickly) get you lean and toned:

  • Bootcamp Calorie Burn (with Kendell Hogan – a dude). I know I’ve mentioned this one before. I just did it this morning. It’s 30 minutes and it’s a killer workout if you don’t have much time. All cardio, very sweaty, awesome encouraging instructor. Definitely check it out.
  • Crunch: Fat-Burning Pilates (free streaming from Netflix; with Ellen Barrett). This routine is about 40 minutes total. It has 2 parts – standing and mat work. I usually just do the standing bit (just under 30 minutes) which is basically cardio pilates. I am sweaty by the end, but not panting. Definitely good for getting the perfect body shape – long, lean muscles; sculpted tummy; lean arms, etc…
  • Crunch: Super Slimdown (free streaming from Netflix; with Ellen Barrett). Another Ellen Barrett! This is a mix of pilates and yoga; it’s very dynamic yoga (not many long holds). It’s around 40 minutes. I usually do the first part (more yoga-oriented and kind of cario-ish). I think this is my favorite of all the videos I’ve done recently.
  • Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates (free streaming from Netflix; with Ellen Barrett). This is just over 30 minutes. If you’ve ever done a “pick your level” workout before, you’ll know they’re all similar. Ellen demonstrates each move at 3 different levels. I usually do level 3 to make it hard. This is another workout that’s great for toning – it’s a little bit of cardio, but not that much. Some is standing and some is mat work. I really like this because of Ellen Barrett – she is my new favorite instructor.

There are a few other Netflix videos that I’ve done, but these are the ones that are actually worth mentioning. I will recommend against 10-minutes solution: Kickbox Bootcamp – this will give you weirdly shaped muscles in all the wrong places.

My focus recently has been on a combo of cardio, pilates, and yoga. And not too much – I never do more than 45 minutes in a day and I don’t do them every day. I don’t know why this works so well for me! I also try to get in 1-2 miles of walking each day.

The other thing that’s helped me (a lot) is Bran Crispbread. I snack on them after dinner. They satisfy my urge to munch without compromising my waistline. They are definitely what I would call “diet food” (cardboard) but they are not that bad. They have just 12 calories a piece (they’re the size of a notecard).

I like them with guacamole or spreadable cheese. They’re also good topped with cream cheese and jam. And they have free shipping right now if you want to order some. They’re a little pricy but I am always down to try anything and I will probably even order more.

What’s your favorite workout video? Have you ever had bran crispbread?

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  1. That’s so weird that you should post this, as I was just looking up netflix workout videos for the first time yesterday! Happy to have some recommendations.

    I have never had that brand before, but I’ve heard of them. I’ve had the ryvita kind and a couple other ones. Sometimes I kind of like the cardboardy taste haha!

  2. Oh I did that bootcamp one once! It hurt lol
    I’ll have to try those netflix ones. I’ve looked at those but I hate that all of them have titles that involve fat burn or slim down. I know that’s just a marketing thing, and would do them for exercise, but it’s my parents account and I think I wouldn’t hear the end of it if they thought I was trying to lose weight. It’s silly, I know, because we all know that’s NOT what I want. But they freaked out when I ordered Jillian’s 30 day shred because the tag line is something involving extreme weight loss in 2 weeks.
    Why can’t we all just emphasize health??
    Anyways, didn’t mean to go on that rant, but I’m glad to hear operation wedding is going well and you aren’t overdoing it! I’m still working on the eating at night. I’ll gladly share more with you but not in such a public forum 🙂

  3. Maggie,
    So happy to hear you enjoyed your weekend with the girls. I love and NEED my girl time!

    I think I’ll take a pass on the bran crispbread, and I’m taking note of these workout videos – I’ll need them post-HEABlet, and I love your combo of cardio, yoga, pilates. Sounds like my kind of workout…plus the walking of course. 🙂

  4. Love all the Netflix ideas! I had to laugh when you said “if you want something that tastes bad, buy these!”

    They kinda look like wasa crisps to me – not a fan of those either!

  5. I am obsessed with bran crisps. people think I am nuts but I love the fiberific taste 😉 They’re awesome with orange juice!

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