The Girl of Sandwich or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bread.

That’s one very long title. But I think it works. I’ve been digging the sandwiches lately. Nature’s Pride (I keep wanting to call them Nature’s Path, but that is a different company that was kind enough to send me goodies!) sent me a bunch of bread the other week and I’ve been dutifully eating it up. (I say “dutifully” as though it’s a chore; it is not! I love this bread.)

I discovered this fantastic lunch sandwich that is filling and probably the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten. It is so simple and yum:

  • whole wheat bun (ideally from Nature’s Pride)
  • 1 laughing cow spreadable swiss cheese
  • tomato slices
  • lots of lettuce

I have had 6 of them I think and I am still not sick of the combo! I only have one more whole wheat bun left and that’s for tomorrow (Bobby had one of the 8 original buns for a PB sammy but then I told him to eat the white buns since I don’t like those as much and he has been polishing those off instead).

The other thing I have been making white the big rolly buns is my breakfast. I spread a bun with peanut butter and top it with coconut flakes.

How can you not love this? I make breakfast and lunch at the same time (in the morning before work), then I take my breakfast over to the couch and savor it before I leave for work. This big white poofy carb is the perfect brain food to get me through the day. I do love white carbs sometimes. Totally necessary.

Exercise of the day (free again): Exercise TV’s 6-Round Slimdown with Stephanie Vitorino. It’s a 40-minute strength/cardio/abs workout consisting of 6 5-minute rounds that each incorporate strength, cardio, and abs. You do need weights, which I don’t have. You’re also supposed to have a medicine ball, but I used a circular glass candle holder thing and it worked for me. I got pretty sweaty and I was only slightly terrified that I would hurt myself the the candle holder. The only odd thing is that some “5-minute” rounds are 3 minutes; others are 6-7 minutes. But it didn’t bug me.

Hump day’s over. Time to get ready for the weekend… Do you have plans for the long weekend? I am going to do WEDDING PLANNING and get brunch with Bobby and a friend on Sunday.

P.S. Did you notice I switched back to “Say Yes to Salad“? If you want to change your blogrolls back that would be lovely. The vote came in and I decided to go with what the people said.

8 Replies to “The Girl of Sandwich or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bread.”

  1. I love bread and I agree that a sandwich is perfect for lunch! 🙂 I think I’ll make that since I have the same bread.

  2. That IS a long title…but I LOVE and enjoyed it! Hee hee. I love bread, too. And yes, white carbs are necessary. So necessary. Nature’s Pride bread is awesome. I won a year’s supply, remember? tee hee!

  3. Mmmm sandwiches. I like the simplicity of cheese, tomato, and lettuce! I bet grilled on the George Foreman it would taste extra amazing 😀

    P.S. Glad that you’re still enjoying the ketchup recipe, too!

  4. Will they send me some bread? I love bread. I’ve never really gone off the carbs, even when I was severely restricting (I just ate really low-calorie, disgusting bread). I can do big salads for lunch occasionally, but I really don’t feel right without a sandwich or wrap. I need bread!
    Have fun with the wedding planning! I have no plans for the holiday weekend and I’m thrilled about that 🙂

  5. I love bread as well. Actually, I think the smell of fresh bread rivals that of a charcoal grill or fresh-cut grass (not that those are linked in any way, but you get my point.) When you find a great brand that is exactly the right texture, density, taste, etc. it absolutely makes the sandwich.

    As for the white/wheat/grain preference, I honestly just don’t like the taste of white bread unless it’s a great loaf of sourdough. Even when I restricted I never gave up carbs–especially bread–and never understood how people could look at it with anything but love 😉 Give me the grains and I’m a happy girl!

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