My Little Piece of Heaven: Pilates and Green Oat Bran

Exercise of the day: first 25 minutes of Crunch: Super SlimDown (with Ellen Barrett, of course). It was a combination of dynamic yoga and pilates. The last bit included one of my favorite pilates exercises: little piece of heaven. I also walked home from work (1.4 miles).

Little piece of heaven is a pilates/yoga move – you do a pushup on your knees, then hinge back to the hips; come forward again and lower down. Repeat. Your back stays in the same line the whole time. It feels oh-so-good and it works your triceps as well as stretches your lower back.

The other little piece of heaven in my day today was something I’m sure HEAB would approve of – protein powder green oat bran. (Green because my protein powder is green! Not because of veggies.)

I haven’t been eating oat bran regularly since last summer when I was eating bowls upon bowls of blended green oat bran (oat bran blended with spinach usually) and protein powder oat bran (I like this protein powder). Fortunately oat bran is not a harmful addiction so I may start up again.

Ingredients for Voluminous Green Protein Oat Bran

  • 2/3 cup oat bran
  • 2 cups water (extra water makes VOLUMINOUS oat bran)
  • 1ish tablespoons protein powder (mine is green)
  • salt (a few dashes)
  • honey post-cooking

Of course I put my oat bran in the freezer after I cook it so that it hardens up and gets chewy. Always have oat bran after it has cooled. I don’t like it hot and mushy.

Do you like oat bran? What’s your favorite way to eat it?

Apparently oat bran makes good baby food. My mom tells me that she used to cook me oat bran as a baby and blend raisins in it to sweeten it – probably why I love it so much now.

Happy weekend 🙂

9 Replies to “My Little Piece of Heaven: Pilates and Green Oat Bran”

  1. YUM! Your bowls always look so neat and delish, mine are messy and gross-looking LOL. I actually had never even heard of it before blogging!! I am soo addicted now and it’s super cheap at Trader Joe’s, I love how non-watery it is compared to oatmeal 😀

  2. I love oat bran. Lately I’ve been on a pumpkin pie oat bran kick. Oat bran, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract and a dash of molasses. Delish!

  3. I love oat bran! I mash a banana really well and add it to the cooking water. Same thing with regular oats and cream of wheat. It cooks in and naturally sweetens the oat bran.

  4. i haven’t had oat bran for …. i don’t know how long… I might give it another try soon ! 🙂 How I like it? I guess just as you have it!

  5. I love that move! I had no idea thats what its called! Great bowl of oat bran. I do enjoy oat bran, but I love it hot and mushy 😉 Oat bran makes awesome cookies too!!Happy weekend

  6. Haha! Oh gosh, I TOTALLY do the same thing as you – putting it in the freezer to get it chewy…. I also found that making sure you add the bran AFTER the water boils vs before helps too…. and it kind of clumps up when you do it this way, giving you extra little chewy pieces! OH YUM!

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