Blast Your Plateau Like Whoa

Loving the responses that I’m getting to all these tips I’ve been posting recently. If you missed them:

Today’s post is about beating a plateau. A plateau is “a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress” (Apple dictionary). (Plateau comes from the Old French word plat = flat.) It can be so frustrating to stop making headway when you’ve been doing so well at something. For example, I can be so balanced

(Planet platter – a perfectly balanced meal – from Souen.)

But then sometimes I lose my footing and it can be hard to get on track. This is applicable to many areas of life. Today I’m going to relate it to weight loss.

Beat that plateau (for weight loss):

  1. Don’t give up. You will figure out what your body is or is not doing/wanting/getting, and you will make a breakthrough. Often it just takes time.
  2. Watch sugar and sodium – both can affect your weight drastically. Too much sodium could make you retain water; too much sugar can actually make you crave more sugar and overeat.
  3. Eat enough protein (but don’t overdo it!) – you need to feed your muscles so they keep on burning.
  4. Vary your calories/intake – alternate high-intake and low-intake days. If you eat the same amount each day your body gets used to it and doesn’t want to change.
  5. Up the exercise – add 10 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine. (Love walking.)
  6. Eat enough – never go below 1200 calories unless you have 60+ pounds to lose. But…
  7. Recheck your diet – are you eating too much? Stay mindful!
  8. Always eat breakfast.
  9. Be strong – add in some strength training to your exercise routine. Strength training is fun and good for your bones. Check out my favorite exercises.
  10. Stay calm – stress makes you produce a pesky hormone called cortisol. This sneaky little bugger makes your store fat around your waist. Not fun! Try doing some yoga or taking time to do a 5 minute meditation daily to chill out.

Exercise of the day: walking to and from work (2.8 miles total) + Crunch: Super Slimdown (25 minutes of it).

Deal of the day: $5 off select products with code BACK2SCHOOL now thru August 9th at! (I heart my Crocs – I have pink ones.)

Have you ever hit a plateau in anything? What? When?

7 Replies to “Blast Your Plateau Like Whoa”

  1. I deal with this plateau issue quite a bit. I feel like I got to a healthy weight in recovery, but at the very low end for me. It’s a “safe zone” and I’m starting to flirt with the idea of pushing myself up 10-15 lbs…which is kind of scary. But, I don’t want to be “on the brink.”

  2. Another great post Maggie! I tend to plateau with exercise. I get in a ‘rut’ of doing the same thing for a while and not really want to shake things up. I have to make myself step out of my comfort zone and do something different 🙂

  3. I think I’ve built a hut on the plateau and have taken up residence for the past, oh…eight years. I always tell myself I’m doing everything I can to bust out of it and actually gain the 15-20 lbs, but to be honest, I’m not being as mindful as I need to be. That said, I have recently decided to seriously bust out of this “plateau,” gain the weight and figure out where my body wants to settle and be at.

  4. I LOVE the Don’t Give Up tip! I’ve hit plateaus many times, specifically during my school semester when I’m stressed. My blog helps me get through it!

  5. well I hit a plateau when I try to gain weight, cause thats what I’m working on. I also fall into ruts, food ruts exercise ruts, I guess those are plateaus to me,

  6. I’ve never thought about it much, but I do think I hit plateaus pretty often – with most of the activities in my life – hobbies, goals, exercise, etc. I think I just get stuck in a rut, but boredom usually helps me shake things up. Good post!

    Hope you have a good weekend Maggie. I can’t believe you’re getting married in a week. So exciting. 🙂

  7. uuuuh I HATE HATE HATE plateus..I have been in a plateu for the last 3 months!!! But it’s nothing I am doing wrong it’s my health and my thyroid..still working with the Docs to fix me. But yes it is frustraring but I just have to keep pushing and stay positive!

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