Eat Your Fats {Guest Post @ Kitchen Courage}

I’m taking a break from normal posting today because I wrote a guest post for Beth and because of my response last night! I’ve been reading Beth’s blog for ages and she is so insightful/inspirational/creative/fun/talented. She is at a hooping convention in San Francisco this weekend and she has lots of guests popping in at her blog; make sure to poke around. This post was inspired by Kim ages ago, who asked me about cooking oils in a comment.

My Guest Post: My Favorite Cooking Oils

If you didn’t see it already please read and comment on…

My 2 favorite responses so far are from Sophia and Caronae, who both put the responsibility back on the reader. We’re not stupid you know.

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  1. i tried really really hard not to comment on the marie claire article but this morning i was still super pissed about it and caved in. i just hate what it implies about the community and it’s the exact opposite of what i viewed it as! we are not promoting a low fat diet! we love our healthy fats and keeping our bodies active. i feel like this is a community of people who life with zeal not what she is suggesting at all. ugh.

    1. @melissa: I think she had some good points but she could have written it from a much different angle and offered constructive criticism instead of ranting! I love this community 🙂

  2. I have mixed feelings on the article. While I don’t think the author’s perspective was necessarily fair or accurate in all ways, I DO think that we need to take a closer look at “healthy” people’s regimes. They are not all ED-free, I’m sorry to say. You can put on the “healthy” mask and say that you’re a marathoner and all about eating “normally,” but if you’re also saying you are riddled with guilt if you can’t work out for a day or you’re restricting your food intake at night, you have some issues. And I am speaking from a place of recovering from an ED, so I’m particularly sensitive to these “red flags.” That is NOT to say it was handled particularly well in the article, or that these people should be attacked or berated. However, I get tired of hearing that some people are just “healthy” while others are eating disordered when there is actually a VERY fine line–and sometimes, it gets crossed.
    That said, if I don’t like a blog, feel it’s “triggering” or just don’t feel like haring someone’s POV, I avoid reading it.
    Maggie, thanks for being honest about your views, and always having substantial, interesting things to share!!

    1. @Tiffany: There are definitely a lot of bloggers out there that I could point to and say “THAT ONE HAS AN ED!” but the big 6 are not included there. I think that the responsibility is on the reader to know what is triggering for her, and to stop and/or get help.

      1. I do agree–it’s definitely our personal responsibility to avoid reading certain blogs that might upset/triggers us. 🙂 Ugh, and I wrote “haring” above when I meant “hearing”! HA!

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