Sweaty Yoga: Philip Urso Hour of Power

I know I have not been posting. Sometimes I want to write, but have no time. Sometimes I have time, but nothing to write.

Today I have some yoga to share.

This morning I remembered writing about a sweaty yoga class (podcast) that I did back in California. It was in my first apartment there so I knew it had to be sometime in early 2009. I dug around and found it – the post was called “I Heart Housewives” – fitting because at the time that’s what I was. Not a wife yet, but acting housewifey and being unemployed.

The podcast was a 60-minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa class led by Philip Urso. It was Fast HOUR of Power – 03/29/2007. You can find it here.

Highlights (forgive me if my memory is not exact):

  • Begin in down dog. Move immediately into fast sun salutations. Then slow…
  • Warrior 1 -> Warrior 2 -> Reverse warrior
  • Crescent -> Twisted prayer (then bound) -> Side angle (then bound)
  • Warrior 1 -> Warrior 2 -> Triangle -> Twisted Triangle -> Standing Splits
  • Standing: tree & dancer
  • Mat: bow pose, ab work, pigeon, full pigeon
  • Edited to add: lots of bridges and wheels. Whoooooeee.
  • Spinal twists, savasana.

I did this from 8am – 9am just before I went to work. I did get a bit sweaty (but not dripping). I would love to try this in a warmer room (80+ degrees); I think that’s why I was sweaty the last time.

I really like Philip Urso – he talks, but not too much (::cough::davefarmar::cough::). His chatter is usually about how to quiet the “manic mind”. My manic mind was rearing its ugly head during the class, but I managed to calm it (mostly) by the end. And it’s stayed pretty calm all day 🙂

Link, if you missed it above: Philip Urso’s Fast Hour of Power.


What was the last yoga routine you did?

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