Weekend Link Love – 03.06.2011

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  1. I LOVE danskos. Especially since they started making heels. I can wear comfy shoes to work Abd still look cute. And they last forever. I bought my first pair 7 years ago and all they’ve needed is a little tlc every year (in the form of applying some oil) and they keep going strong.

  2. Choir?! I didn’t know salad girl sang! We need videos. 🙂

    My favorite shoes are probably…my house slippers. Does that count?

  3. Mags!! Awesome links this week! My favorite shoes are a cute black “suede” pair of booties type things I got from buffalo exchange. Not thrift price I guess but at least they’re used! I could also really cut back on shopping, let me know more about your challenge.
    Glad to hear choir and life in general is going well! Busy is typically a good thing for me, I’ve been go go go but loving it, feeling good, and trying to enjoy all my blessings, even if I get stressed sometimes.
    I really wanted to call you last night because I’m in San Francisco and went to Cha Ya for dinner. That place has your name written all over it! OMG it was some of the most amazing food ever. Have you been there? I would have called to find out but it was like 11 pm NY time lol.
    I’d love to catch up so send me an email or just call when you’re free! And post some pics of your ceramics, that’s so cool!

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