It’s My Party, and I’ll Adho Mukha Vrksasana If I Want To

I have some absolutely HUGE news to share but it will have to wait a little bit. But I just wanted to totally get your hopes up and then make you wait. I’m kidding; I’m really excited about this thing but I just don’t want to jinx it before it happens.


It *is* actually my birthday tomorrow (almost today! – Thursday). So that is exciting. I just got home from a deliciously yummy yoga class at Yoga Vida. I’m working on my handstand (still near the wall) and it’s really coming along. I can usually hold it for at least 5 seconds a couple times each day now. And my arms are getting stronger. I cannot believe what I difference I see in my practice when I take a class almost every day.

Not me. Source.

Yoga Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) Tips:

  • Start in downward facing dog, facing a wall. Hands should be about 1 foot away from the wall. Then step your feet in a foot closer than they would be in a regular DFD, so you have a shorter stance.
  • Stretch one leg up, and then practice just kicking up one leg repeatedly so you kind of hover over your hands, and see if you can make it up to a handstand.
  • Tummy strong, weight over your shoulders.
  • Center of gravity should be between your shoulders, not in your lower back! Don’t let your back arch too much.
  • The counter pose is child’s pose, so make sure to take child’s pose after you practice your headstand. It’s also nice to massage the wrists.


But gosh sometimes I feel old. What have I done with my life? What do I have to show for it? I have a wonderful husband and two fats cats.

Have I done anything memorable? Meaningful? Important? Well that is why I hope that thing I mentioned above that I can’t quite say actually happens. I just want to do something with my life that means something to me, and makes me happy.

Here is my post from last year. And here from 2009 (this one has a recipe). In 2008 I logged my food. Things have most certainly changed over the years. This is now my second birthday being married. My first birthday in our new place. My second birthday at my job (the longest I’ve had a job, almost 2 years). My fourth birthday out of college (wtf?).

I think that is enough introspection.


Did anyone else buy the Living Social deal the other day? I think you know which one I’m talking about. I hope you didn’t miss it. I unsubscribed from those things long, long ago but someone linked me to this week’s and I couldn’t resist. (Okay, okay, it was for Whole Foods! Jeez.)

19 Replies to “It’s My Party, and I’ll Adho Mukha Vrksasana If I Want To”

  1. happy birthday Maggie! I didn’t realize that you and my dad are both on birthday today! 😀
    I’m so intrigued about that thing that is happening! you need to tell me all about it!!!
    hope you are having a great day with Bobby!!!

  2. Happy happy Birthday Maggie! I hope you have a fabulous day!

    Sadly, the nearest whole foods is like a 45 minute drive, not really worth the $10 savings, but score!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE! It’s Thursday morning, and first thing I saw in my planner was Maggie’s Birthday. Made me happy. I know it will be a wonderful day, and yes, times have changed. I think you’re in a really good place in life. Enjoy. Love you!

  4. 1) Love that title…hilarious! Wish I could hear that pronounced!!

    2) Love that wedding picture!!

    3) Love kittieeeeeeeeeeeeees! except currently my tuxedo kitty is knocking my lamp off my desk…he is a trouble maker/ just really clumsy!

    4) happy birthday!!! I never think I have done enough for my life, at my age, etc etc. And I am always woulda, coulda, shoulda-ing…. but it also takes time to find one’s passions…and put those into action! I know sometimes I feel as though I’ll be in school forEVER before I can really start my career and begin helping people.

    Okay, GC needs to stop rambling!


    1. @gliding calm: Yeah I have no idea how it’s pronounced!! Awww kitties are cute even if they are mischievous. Thanks for the bday wishes 🙂 Hugs to you too!


    and happy birthday!

    I am still waiting for that “thing” in my life that makes me think “now I’ve done something”.

    It’s just that life takes over.
    I’m pretty stinking proud of being a Mom.
    That’s my life’s biggest reward!

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