Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five – 09.23.2011

Five Things Friday:

  1. It’s Fall. Officially. My favorite season. I even got up early this morning to do a post 🙂
  2. My yoga teacher training starts tonight. So excited.
  3. Hopefully going out to dinner with my husband tonight.
  4. Can’t wait to spend time with friends this weekend (after my training).
  5. I’m loving on kabocha this week. Got a few perfectly ripe ones. Also introduced a friend to it and she loves it too 🙂

Fantabulous Friday Five comes in 3 parts…

Five things I want to buy

  1. … I’m gonna say nothing. I really don’t want anything right now! Hate clutter. Instead I will do…

Five things I want to get rid of

  1. Old clothes and shoes I never wear
  2. Too many books
  3. Canned / boxed foods in my kitchen that I will never eat
  4. Kitchen appliances I never use (juicer, I’m looking at you)
  5. Old cords that don’t seem to match up to anything

Five places I’ve visited

  1. Hawaii (honeymoon; my favorite vacation)
  2. France (this past summer; also when I was 7 in November of 1993)
  3. Italy (January 2008 – graduation gift to self)
  4. Miami (where my in-laws live)
  5. LA (Guster/John Mayer cruise)

dec 30 2009 006

(Key Largo, south of Miami)

Five jobs I’ve held

  1. Video store clerk (high school)
  2. Call center rep at ETS (one summer in college)
  3. Sales associate at Gap (I think I spent all my earnings at my place of work)
  4. Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve in SF
  5. Software Engineer! (current)

What are yours?

4 Replies to “Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five – 09.23.2011”

  1. Hi Maggie,
    Can you tell me how you know when a kabocha is perfectly ripe? I’ve bought a couple that turned out to be bad . . . but I couldn’t tell the difference when I bought them. Any advice?

    1. @Michelle: Great question, and I wish I had a better answer for you – the way I pick them is I try to find the ugliest, lumpiest, hardest kabocha. That sounds silly, but I guess it makes sense – the ones that have been around the longest are usually the ripest. Often they will have little dark nubs on them, almost like a scab. Hope that helps 🙂 I used to think that the darker green the more ripe but I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve had ripe ones that were lighter colored too.

  2. haha, i pick kabocha by the ugly-factor, too! i like to think i’m a kabocha-whisperer – i can totally tell when they’re ripe (knock on wood). size doesn’t always matter. i look for dark-grayish-green. those scabs are key & always look at the nubbin’ on the bottom & make sure it’s not moldy! i also leave behind the bright green ones. i usually find that they’re not ripe enough.
    either way, if one is a little to moist & stringy, i leave it cut in my fridge for a few days to dry it out!

  3. Cool! Thanks for taking the Friday Five and running with it. Your jobs list made me remember a couple more of my own: I sold coupon books over the phone for CASA (court-appointed special advocates) while in high school and worked in the music department at Barnes & Noble for a while as a second job while reporting at the Daily Sun here in Flagstaff. I spent a lot of my earnings on books … but it sure was nice to have a paycheck every single week.

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