Yoga Flow Playlist #2 – Teacher Resource

My second flow yoga class was today during lunch. I think I may change the time though – it seems like it’s not ideal for many people. It’s currently set for 1:30pm on a Wednesday – I’m thinking after work might be better? What do you guys think? What time would you want to go to yoga if your office offered it?

Flow Yoga Playlist #2

  1. Comptine D’Un Autre Ete – L’Apres Midi – Amelie Soundtrack
  2. The Office – Soundtrack
  3. A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – College
  4. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
  5. Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap
  6. Half Of My Heart – John Mayer
  7. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
  8. Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band
  9. Love Save The Empty – Erin McCarley
  10. Quiet Times – Dido
  11. Brass Bed – Josh Gracin
  12. Remember When It Rained – Josh Groban
  13. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
  14. La Femme D’Argent – Air

Click here for all my yoga playlists. (Note that the last couple songs on this playlist are the same as last time; last time we got started late and didn’t get through all the songs but I didn’t want them to go to waste.)

I’d love to hear any song suggestions you may have. I really think music is key to a yoga class. In fact, I get a little annoyed when I don’t like the music. That’s something I have to work on letting go of.

5 Replies to “Yoga Flow Playlist #2 – Teacher Resource”

  1. Maggie – I would choose lunchtime yoga! When I taught classes for my teacher training, I taught them after work, and people would just go home because theyre tired after a long day!

    I prefer to teach to instrumental music – I like The Album Leaf (band) and the soundtrack to Amelie 🙂

  2. Nice music again! 🙂

    I think it depends on when and how much people eat. Yoga on a full stomach is probably not ideal. In the evening, it might be nice to get rid of the stress of the day, but people may also be very tired. Hm. Really a hard one!

  3. I need to thank you for writing this excellent post. I’m a huge yoga fan and agree with you that yoga truly has the power to transform all areas of or lives 🙂 .

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