November Goals; Pure Yoga Review

Back at the end of June, I joined a yoga studio in my neighborhood. It’s a beautiful studio – Pure Yoga, owned and operated by Equinox – and I go fairly regularly. The studio is in the basement levels of a building on 86th street, but the lack of natural light is not even noticeable. The facilities are absolutely beautiful and the showers…


…Are to die for. This photo doesn’t do them justice.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight the studio because it’s included in some of my November goals. Here we go:

  1. Go to 15 yoga classes this month. (I wanted to make it 20, but I am going to be traveling for 1 week and I don’t think 20 is doable.)
  2. Floss once a day (night). I floss but sometimes I miss a day.
  3. Try 3 new restaurants. Bobby and I eat out a lot – but we tend to go to the same places over and over again.
  4. Try 3 new dishes at restaurants I already go to.
  5. Go to a yoga class on my business trip (to… India! More later.).
  6. Stay healthy during holiday/family gatherings. For me this means making the difficult decision – bread, wine, or dessert?
  7. Test and then make a new recipe for Thanksgiving dinner (this year it’s sort of potluck-style).
  8. Read 2 books.

What are your November goals?

7 Replies to “November Goals; Pure Yoga Review”

  1. Love your goals Maggie! I like the one about being healthy through the holidays, and to pick one indulgence, not a lot, at the same event!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Not sure if you have been to any of these restaurants but my favs on the UES are Gina La Fornarina, Parlor Steakhouse & Maz Mezcal. Or if you want to venture a little bit further- Sarabeths for brunch and Atlantic Grill for seafood. Let us know what you end up trying!

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