Sister Visits & Souen Suppers

My sister came to visit me this weekend.

I had to work yesterday, but after work we all convened downtown (me, Julia, and Bobby) near Bobby’s office to get something for dinner. Bobby suggested Souen, and who am I to disagree! Julia also enjoys Souen though she says it’s a little bland sometimes 😉

So let’s see, what did we get…

Julia ordered the cornbread with a side of miso-tahini spread. (But we all shared it.)


I got Squash Tofu – my absolute favorite dish at Souen. (My other favorite is the macro plate.) Squash Tofu is a sauteed mix of fresh vegetables – broccoli, napa cabbage, onions, soft/medium tofu, carrots, kabocha squash, and probably more that I am forgetting. The sauce is of the miso/tahini variety (a common theme at Souen).


Souen’s Squash Tofu (with a side of brown rice)

Julia opted for the Inspired Vegetable Curry – a delicious mix of broccoli, carrots, squash (kabocha), cauliflower, mushrooms, and more + a savory Indian spice-inspired sauce.


Souen’s Inspired Vegetable Curry (with a side of brown rice)

And last but certainly not least, Bobby got Souen’s Stir-Fried Noodles with soba noodles as his entree. Tons of veggies including lotus root and snap peas, topped with some seaweed flakes. It’s in a mushroomy-gingery sauce.


Souen’s Stir-Fried Noodles

After dinner I got a macrobiotic scone. Here a recipe for macrobiotic scones that I have been meaning to resurrect – it’s from 2009. And I found this Eden Foods recipe for Cranberry Walnut macro scones too.

Do you like macrobiotic food? Which dish would you pick at Souen? Do you like math?

2 Replies to “Sister Visits & Souen Suppers”

  1. You and CD both majored in math and economics. So, apparently, I’m into nerds, b/c I love you both. 🙂 I also love me some macrobiotic food, and I WILL eat at Souen someday!

    So cool about Julia. A wolf sanctuary out in Colorado?!? Hope you get to visit!

  2. I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful time with your sister!

    The food looks wonderful, and what makes me like the place immediately is that they serve *reasonable* amounts of vegetables! 😀 I’d take the squash dish if it was with fish, for sure!

    Macrobiotics fascinates me, although the grain-heavy version doesn’t work for me, and also the soy. But I very much like the idea of a nutritious, mostly vegan diet with fish and Japanese-inspired flavors.

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