{Macrobiotic March} Some Macrobiotic Meals (at home and out!)

Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning may have noticed the shift from eating at home often (probably 5 nights a week) to eating out… a lot. The shift happened slowly over time as I transitioned from my first job in CA, to freelancing in CA (part time), to working full time again when we moved to NYC, to working more and more! I’m not complaining about work. My career is going better than I could have ever dreamed. I love my job and I love my coworkers. I am challenged every day with real problems that I can solve.

BUT – with working so much, I just don’t make the time to cook at home. While I am sure I could make the time, it’s not a priority for me right now.

So I try to find healthy options for eating out.

Keeping with the theme of Macrobiotic March, here are some of my favorite macro meals I have eaten (out) lately. And one macro meal that I made.

A few weeks ago I got lunch with an internet friend (we go back years now) at a vegetarian restaurant in midtown called Zen Palate. The lunch and the company were great. This is what I ordered:


The dish is called Shredded Melody. It’s shredded soy protein stir-fried with celery, carrots, zucchini and pine nuts in a light garlic sauce. It came with a brown and red rice mix and 2 spring rolls. I ate most at the restuarant and had the leftovers at my desk a few hours later.

Another night, after dinner at Souen, Bobby and I shared the Cocoa Creamy Parfait: cocoa mousse with vanilla soy cream and granola.


Really delicious. I do prefer their scones though…

Another night I got takeout from Souen because I was in a rush. I had this meal after a vigorous yoga class at Pure:


Takeout Macro Plate: an ideal blance of steamed greens (collards usually), vegetables (carrots, broccoli), brown rice, beans (chickpeas here – my favorite), and hijiki seaweed.

I also got this dessert the same night…


A Macrobiotic Scone – the cranberry orange version.

Sometimes I do cook at home. One night I made this healthy fried rice variation:


Homemade macrobiotic fried rice with Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 Veggie Mix, Brussels sprouts, sesame seeds, and some teriyaki sauce. Steamed kabocha on the side, and yes I had seconds. I think this was another post-yoga meal.

Another night Bobby and I went to Hu Kitchen, a new paleo restaurant near his office. Hu Kitchen is on 5th Ave between 13th and 14th streets (right near Souen). Hu says, ‘For us, getting back to eating like humans means eating foods we would find in nature or foods minimally processed using only basic, mechanical methods.


I got The Herbivore: 3 veggie sides of the day. I picked creamed cauliflower with coconut milk, roasted butternut squash, and sauteed greens. That little brown thing you see is grain-free bread. All of it – absolutely amazing. I could have licked the plate. It’s a little pricey – this dish was $10 and it was not that big. We ended up getting a paleo dessert, too (chocolate chia pudding) but the picture didn’t come out well. It looked like ass so you will just have to trust me that it tasted delicious.

SO – that’s what I have been eating lately. I actually have some more macro meals but I will save them for another time. I have to get to work!

Couple other things I wanted to mention:

  • I have accidentally been pescetarian this month except for 1 meal (a pasta dish this weekend).
  • I have had diet soda only 2 times this month. (!) One day that I had it, later on I found myself at the cafe downstairs buying a cookie – the only time I was craving sugar in a few weeks. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think diet soda makes you crave sweets.
  • Bobby and I are planning on doing vegetarian April! (Vegetarian = pescetarian for us.)
  • Elise @ Hungry Hungry Hippie had a macrobiotic-inspired meal the other day. MMM kale.
  • Heather made those yummy cookies I linked to last week.

Have you had any delicious macrobiotic meals lately? Are you a diet soda person? Do you eat meat and/or fish, or are you vegetarian or vegan?

15 Replies to “{Macrobiotic March} Some Macrobiotic Meals (at home and out!)”

    1. @Biz: I’m a little late on the reply, but actually the opposite! Pescetarian means with fish 🙂 (Or maybe I responded to you in email already and forgot, ha.)

  1. Some of those dishes look delicious! I’m an everything-tarian. Some days go by when I’m vegetarian, I LOVE seafood, and if it’s meat that I’m cooking (meaning I know that it’s high quality–whether that be grass-fed, free range, etc.), I’ll eat that, too.

  2. I’ve also been juggling with my diet. After a long term of being a vegan, I’ve decided to go back being a pescetarian. I just ‘felt’ my body needed the extra protein. As much as I detest animal product consumption, my health hasn’t been up to par, hence just trying to experiment with the food I eat. It has been very stressful, testing different methods. Still struggling, but I’m down for Souen and Zen Palate’s macro plate anytime. It’s the best. 🙂

    1. @kim: It’s a really hard decision. I also feel terribly guilty eating animal products – but sometimes we have to take care of ourselves first so that we can then do what we can to minimize harm to animals. I hope you feel better soon! If you ever want to go get a macro plate together do let me know 🙂

  3. I also found Hu Kitchen to be overly expensive, but then again, it is in the Union Square area, gotta pay the rent. 😛

  4. Wish Nashville had some of these restaurants, but then again, don’t get out to eat much these days. Plus, I’m having fun coming up with new macro dishes at home. LOVING brown rice ever since I realized my rice cooker isn’t that great and tried Jess’s stove top version.

    And yes, diet soda makes me crave sweets and more sweets!

    1. @Heather: I really want to try making brown rice on the stove sometime. My rice cooker is quite good so I haven’t really needed to yet but I feel like it would be even better on the stove. I will definitely use Jess’s recipe when I do!

  5. Yum! So many options to eat out!! We have a few in Toronto, but wowza- the options you have in NYC are amazing!! Must. Get. There. Soon!! Also, thanks for the super nice words and link to my site on your last post! Keep in touch!

  6. Of all the diets I have tried over the years, macrobiotics was never one of them! I’m not even sure why. I am currently doing a lot of paleo stuff, and really envy you that you have paleo restaurant options nearby!

  7. I tried macro many years ago after reading a book by someone who was cured from some form of cancer. And he was of the opinion that it was his macro diet that significantly contributed to the outcome. However I found t was difficult to sustain and even though some of the meals were quite acceptable.

    One item that sticks in my mind is umeboshi or pickled plums. They were very salty and a challenge to consume. None the less they were good at settling the stomach and helping with digestion

  8. So good seeing you! Thanks for taking me to Zen! And also introducing me to Souen, I think I go there every time I’m in NY. I’d be really curious to try the paleo place, I may be back in May!

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