In the past few years, this blog has become outdated. I have been posting less and spending more time with my family. It’s a little bit crazy realizing just how much free time you have when you don’t have kids… and yet you never realize and don’t always use that free time wisely (or at least I didn’t, when I look back on it).

I’ve done a little housekeeping to bring things back into 2017.

I updated and republished my “About” page.

I updated and republished my “FAQs” page.

I’m finding dead links and fixing them.

And I am (slowly) going through old posts trying to re-tag where I’ve missed things.

Since we’re talking housekeeping, I wanted to veer into some actual housekeeping talk.

We recently moved back into an apartment (a 2-bedroom in Princeton) from a 4 bedroom home (in the neighboring suburb).

After being an apartment/city person for almost 12 years, I could not adjust to owning a house. Does anyone else feel this way?

The housekeeping was exhausting. I felt like I was constantly cleaning and tidying up after messes appeared (ahem, small children). The sheer number of rooms to keep up with was so much – cleaning bathrooms – cleaning a dining room and a kitchen (!) – so much cleaning! Not to mention the mental effort involved in keeping track of all the places in the house.

We ended up paying someone to mow and care for the yard that we thought we’d wanted. I did not understand how much “housekeeping” the outdoor part of a house really required. Or how expensive it got if you didn’t have the time or desire to do it yourself.

Stuff seemed to collect in every room, the basement, and the garage. How does this happen? We were only there 1.5 years. And I swear I am a minimalist!

So one day earlier this year (after discussing it… basically since we bought the house), we decided to put it on the market. Not even two weeks later we were showing, we were in contract in less than a week, and we ended up closing in early August.

We moved to Princeton (our process for deciding this location is another post in itself). We’re renting. And we love living in town. Princeton is great. Our small place is a lot easier to care for and I can walk to my favorite coffee shop. I can also bike (or take a long walk) to yoga. Those were my requirements for when we moved. Bobby’s requirements were that he have space for his music stuff, which we are still sort of working on (his piano is set up, and the guitar is out, but he doesn’t have his own room for it).

I am very happy to be rid of lots of housekeeping. And the family seems to be enjoying our new digs too.

How do you feel about housekeeping? And living in apartments vs. houses?

New Years Intentions 2013

2013 Goals and Intentions

1. Eat more cleanly. Fewer processed foods; more vegetables. Eat more intuitively. Eat less emotionally.

2. Go to sleep by 11pm more often. (2x a week to start)

3. Go to yoga 12x a month. Do Mysore regularly for 1 month. (Summer?)

4. Meditate 5 minutes per day (morning).

5. Get up earlier (this will come out of #2…).

6. Log my exercise (I used to do this). And use my Erin Condren planner.

7. Spend less money and save up to start my own business someday.

8. Find at least one other source of income aside from my day job.

9. Simplify. Minimize. Give away clothes and things that I don’t use. Buy less. Have less. Stress less.

What are your 2013 goals?

Weekend Link Love – 01.08.2011

Workout Love

  • I just did Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party. Jennifer Galardi is one of my favorites! She has a great body – lean and toned – which is motivating, and she’s really energetic. Her routines are fun and the time flies. This video was 40 minutes long and it’s free if you have Netflix streaming.
  • I am about to do Yoga for Buns #1. This is podcast #9 from the Yogadownload podcast. Only… 40 more to go. I have done a lot of them in the last few years but I thought it would be fun to go from the beginning and do them all in order. I don’t remember if I have done this one before. It sounds painful. (20 minutes)
  • More of my Netflix favorites can be found here. And yoga faves are here.

Food Love

Other stuff I love.

Happy Weekend 🙂 What are your plans?