Weekend Link Love – 07.17.2011

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What I Did This Weekend

  • Sacred Chow (Saturday lunch)
  • Chelsea Market (Chelsea Thai for dinner)
  • Ping Pong @ Fat Cats
  • Looooots of walking (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Apartment hunting (Sunday)
  • Aroma Espresso Bar (Sunday lunch)
  • Family-style dinner @ a friend’s (smoked ribs, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes; cream puffs and fruit for dessert!)
Sacred Chow brunch pictures… (from this time and this time)
^Breakfast Sandwich^
^Big Beautiful Salad^

How was your weekend?

Flexitarian Foodie Fun

Happy Birthday Dad! I’ll call you soon… Here are some of my dad’s recipes:

He also sent me these 2 recipes recently to try (haven’t gotten around to them yet):

He and my siblings picked the watercress at my [great] aunt’s house. I get my watercress in Chinatown. Small differences between living in rural New Jersey and Manhattan.

Onto today’s post… I’m not a vegetarian, but I enjoy experimenting with vegetarian food. There are many potential benefits to limiting meat in your diet, and the ones I care about are…

  • not killing animals cruelly (if you don’t eat them at all, you don’t have to worry about finding “organic” or “free-range” meat)
  • avoiding weird additives that are in non-organic meat (antibiotics, etc…)
  • smaller carbon footprint
  • it’s cheaper!
  • decreased risk of food poisoning
  • improved “regularity”

My brother and sister are both vegetarians and this weekend my brother came up for a night, so we were more veggieful than usual. Last night we went back to Sacred Chow down by NYU for dinner. I got the Tapa Salad again (with curry dressing), but this time with curried broccoli (source). I had some camera difficulties so the broccoli picture is not mine.

Rob and Bobby both got heroes – Rob got the Orange Barbecued Seitan Hero and Bobby got the Grilled Western Tofu Hero. Both came with coleslaw made of carrots… which was really boring. The sandwiches were both great though; I had a bite of each.

After dinner Rob and I got The Lite Choice (like Tasti D-lite, but better). Missy is the one who first introduced me to TLC! I won one of her giveaways and now I’m hooked. I got this, but Bobby stole some (“this is my last bite, I swear” – such a lie!). It was a dulche de leche and brownies swirl.

Do you like froyo?

Review: Sacred Chow Vegan Brunch (New York)

We’re back in New York (from our Miami trip)! More on that later though. The other day Bobby and I ended up going Sacred Chow, a vegan restaurant downtown.

Sacred Chow is organic, fair trade, sustainable, kosher, and vegan. And relatively inexpensive for what it offers. I cannot wait to go back. It’s located near NYU on Sullivan Street (between West 3rd and Bleecker). It’s right near Quantum Leap, Peanut Butter & Co., and probably a bunch of other cool places.

I was a salad girl and got the Tapa Salad ($12), which is their standard humongous salad (seasonal greens, shredded beets, shredded carrots, cucumbers) and a choice of any tapas dish. I got the honey mustard dressing, but it was just okay. I didn’t use much and instead used the dip that came with my side dish.

For my tapas side I chose the sauteed shiitake mushrooms, which were tender, juicy, and meaty. They came with a wonderful gluten-free South Indian Dip. I used all of it (for dipping and for my salad). So good.

Bobby got the Breakfast Sandwich ($12.75), which is a soy biscuit filled with tofu scramble (which spills out – there is so much) and tempeh bacon (actually yummy, even though I normally hate tempeh). It came with the largest side salad I have ever seen. The salad was a smaller version of mine.

Sure enough, after finishing (!) this, Bobby says, “Wow, I’m full.” Yes sweetie, that is what happens when you eat a salad. They honestly are filling. And not in that unpleasant too-many-carbs-filling way; salads fill you up in a comforting veggie-full way.

The scramble was the best scramble either of us had ever had, so we will definitely be going back. We also couldn’t get enough of my mushrooms. Next time I think we’ll get a few tapas (grilled western tofu, bbq seitan, root vegetable latkes, marinated raw kale) or maybe go for some of the other brunch selections (biscuits and gravy, omega-3 waffle).

Useful links:

Unfortunately we are currently laid up with the flu, so we are missing my coworker’s wedding. I’m getting better, but Bobby is now hitting the worst of it and is probably contagious. I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful wedding and they are so sweet. They’re honeymooning in Hawaii (just like us).

What’s your favorite vacation spot?