yoga faq

How long have you been practicing yoga?


I did yoga off and on from summer 2001 to fall 2008. From fall of 2008 to now (fall 2010) I have done yoga almost every day. Yes, there have been weeks that I was too busy or just not feeling it, but in general I try to find time for 20 minutes of yoga every day. There are still weeks that I don’t do yoga at all, but I do almost always love it when I make it to a class or do a podcast. The type of class I take (restorative vs. vigorous) really depends on my mood and the time of day.

Prior to being a yogi I was a ballerina (10 years) and I also dabbled in tap and jazz.  I’ve done pilates off and on since 2000.  I think all of these factors contributed to my flexibility and how I was easily able to jump into yoga.  If you’re not flexi yet – keep trying!  Yoga is really amazing and it does wonders (body and mind).

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

It changes all the time! Today (Sunday, October 17, 2010) my favorite pose is probably revolved bound side angle pose or headstand (we did a lot of headstands in class yesterday).

Is there anything about yoga that you don’t like?

I do not do hot yoga and I don’t plan to. I don’t like classes that are repetitive. As for poses that I don’t like: fish pose, camel pose, frog pose, and revolving half moon.

Update 01/2013: I actually started doing hot yoga (not bikram, just vinyasa in a heated room) in the fall of 2012 and apparently I love it! It feels so good to sweat. I can’t do it more than a few days in a row or else I start to get exhausted. I go to Pure Yoga East for my hot yoga needs.

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